Gorillaz, A Semi-Virtual Band You Might Not Know

Recently, while scrolling down the pages of some social media websites, I came across some news about several bands making a comeback in the coming months. And I was hell excited to see one name in the list, ‘Gorillaz ’. So awesome don’t you think? Wait a minute most of you don’t know about the band right? Now let me tell you more about it.


Gorillaz is the most kickass virtual band you will ever witness in the current music industry. Yeah you heard it right, they are a virtual band, a Grammy winning virtual band , and you will be pretty amazed to know how successful they have been since their debut in 2001.

Nothing stays the same with the Gorillaz, as almost everything is bound to change from song to song.The awesomeness of this brit-band comes from the only thing that remains permanent with them over the years, it’s animated characters namely 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Hobbs. And yeah, Damon Albarn, the frontman of the brit-band ‘BLUR’ remains the only REAL musical contributor till date.

There is no such thing as music genre for the Gorillaz. According to my knowledge till date their music can be included in hip hop, trip hop, electronic, and alternative rock, but more over they have created music that has gruntled their listeners over the years and is still gaining them more popularity and fans all over the world.

Another thing of this virtual band that makes it even more awesome are its extraordinary animated videos. Some people find it weird or absurd, but personally I find them pretty awesome. I mean their videos are far from being mediocre or mainstream. So do watch their videos when you listen to their music.

Follow their music videos, as it tells their story indirectly.

The characterization of all of its band members is just amazing, I mean the arrogant and ruthless Murdoc, the innocent but deadly Noodle (deadly w.r.t On melancholy hill), nervous but creepy 2D and Russel Hobbs with his amazing drum skills . So animation is another master stroke for them.

As explained earlier, everything changes with the Gorillaz and the same goes for the performing artists from song to song. Their major collaborations consist of Andre 3000, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Womack, James Murphy, De La Soul, Miho Hatori, Mick jones and many more (actually it’s a pretty long list and I am too lazy).

If you haven’t heard about the Gorillaz, you might think from the list above that not many big stars have collaborated with the band, so how could it be that good? But first listen to their music, and then you might realize that somehow all of the things click correctly and more over in an awesome manner (Atleast they are far better than the present Boy bands).

Some of their major hits consist of Feel Good Inc., On Melancholy hill, Dare, Stylo, 19-2000, DoYaThing and many more.

And yes another thing they have their own fictional backstory, a universe of their own and even a cartoon show (you could try youtube for that) which gives a closer look on the band’s living. In their universe Murdoc has passed a medical exam entitling him Dr. Murdoc, Noodle was declared dead during the El Manana incident and was once replaced by Murdoc by Cyborg Noodle who was also his bodyguard when Noodle went missing, 2D had a girlfriend Paula (former member) who had sex with Murdoc, and Russell was once possessed by a demon back in school. Awesome isn’t it?

Demon Days (2005)

So overall Gorillaz is an awesome band, even more awesome when you think of it as a virtual band. Their songs are awesome and pleasing in many ways and will surely leave a grin on your face thinking about its weird awesomeness. So to all those reading this post I would suggest you to follow them and enjoy their music.

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