Gene Ha’s First Creator-Owned Graphic Novel ‘MAE’

Gene Ha is a well-known comic book artist & writer. He is known for his amazing work with major publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, and ABC Comics.

Gene Ha recently launched a kickstarter campaign to publish his first creator-owned graphic novel MAE. Going independent has it’s own benefits, the major one being having total creative freedom. His team also includes artist Rose McClain for color assist, and Anette Nam for graphic design.


He announced about his ambitious project at C2E2 last month, he also stated that he has been working on MAE for more than two years now.

Here’s what the MAE’s Kickstarter page says about the story:

Once upon a time in Indiana… a 13 year-old girl named Abbie Fortell disappeared. Her younger sister, Mae was left behind to finish school, take care of her ailing father, and build a life without her sister. Eight years later Abbie has returned, claiming she’s found a doorway to a world of adventure and monsters. These tales are hard to believe — at least until the monsters show up too…

MAE Strip

I am always overjoyed to see female protagonists kick ass, even the fact that Gene Ha is behind this makes it more amazing after all very few people write and draw the comics all by themselves. Even the artwork looks solid.

The Kickstarter campaign has already crossed twice its goal amount but still it never hurts to fund more considering the amazing perks. Check out their kickstarter page here. BTW the funding lasts till May 27.

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