Food Wars will Satisfy Your Hunger with Comedy and Nudity

For all anime fans out there you might know this anime called as Shokugeki No Souma or Food Wars otherwise, as it is kinda popular for many things right now (Quite Rightfully). I have been following it from the start. Mostly I end up dropping such anime series where I have to wait for a week for the next episode. But somehow I am still hooked up to this one.

Food War GIF

To start with, as the name suggests the anime is all about food. But that is not the catchy part. What grabs your attention is the food orgasms that the characters enjoy. Well it’s quite appealing and humorous. The food orgasms are more than popular on social media thanks to this series. The partial nudity and the imaginary world the characters go in while eating will surely crack up a smile.

Yukihira Souma

Yukihira Souma

The story follows the life of Yukihira Souma who runs a small diner in town alongside his Dad. It’s all a happy and amazing until his Dad decides to leave for some reason and promises to get back after a year or so. Until that time he tells Yukihira to find out where he actually stands with his food in the culinary world by asking him to enter the best and the most prestigious Totsuki culinary institute where only handful of students graduate. But will he be able to survive the HELL’S KITCHEN? That is the question on which the series thrives upon.

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You might find the plot somewhat mainstream where the protagonist wants to be the best and prove his worth. For those of you who love such plot progression this one would be a treat. I say this because it’s a complete package. The consistent humor throughout the episode and the intense heat the characters face while cooking is the thing you should not miss. One thing I like the most is (Obviously food orgasms) the way Chibi characters are used in some scenes to emit the best humor of the scene. And well the plot might not seem to have that sort of intensity but that’s where the plot surprises us. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode are amazing too. I mean this anime surely knows how to make the viewers stick with the series for the next episode. So altogether it’s a mix of everything that packs a pretty good punch in the end.

Food Wars Characters

Talking about the characters, you will notice that all of them show vivid shades of personalities which is a really rare and a pretty cool thing (at least for me). Some of them are scary, naughty, rude, NUDE (you will come to know about it), narcissistic, jealous, nervous and the joyful types. The list goes on. All the crucial characters are pretty well described with backstories and proper screen time. And those not so vital help to raise the humor level. So you can say that all the characters collectively do an amazing work.

The music is another thing you might get caught up with. The start and the ending songs makes you feel kinda refreshing (P.S there’s nudity in that too). Same goes for the art too. Well on watching the series that you might say that it’s mostly indoor.You are right it is. But what else do you expect from such a theme. But considering all the stuff its pretty awesome according to me. Its pretty consistent with the indoor stuffs and the outdoor scenics too are fascinating to watch with crystal clear and well detailed things in it. Not to mention the vibrant colors used to showcase the food which is awesome.

food wars

The only drawback I found out in the series is that there’s lots of food in it. I mean literally ample of time is given to the techniques, recipes, ingredients used while cooking and each of them is thoroughly explained. This might actually give a yawn to you if you are not a foodie. But you will surely be able to learn a cooking trick or two after each episode to implement in your daily lives. That’s a plus point.

Food Wars 4 Damn

So to sum it all up. This anime is surely a kinda fresh breeze this season. It is one of the good releases this season. The ongoing plot is still amazing as it was in the beginning. So this consistency is one of the many highlights of the series too.With comedy, food, partial nudity, fierce face offs and high level intensity this anime packs a pretty good punch. So I recommend you guys to check it out at least once.

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