‘Fate/Zero’ is An Awesome Anime, Just Watch It

If there is one thing that make anime awesome is these amazing shows which keep it powered. Most recent of such awesome shows is Zankyou No Terror. Fate/Zero is one such amazing anime which follows the leads of Death Note and Ergo Proxy. I mean it is equally dark and gritty.

Not to get confused with Fate/Stay Night of 2006 which was a crappy anime, this show was created after that anime and is a prequel so you are not missing anything.

Fate/Zero Masters & Servants

For starters this anime is about a massive event called the holy grail war and there are seven people selected by the holy grail who act as masters and those masters have a mythical/historical personality which acts as a servant who fight for their master against another servant. These servants are represented by some popular historic legends like King Arthur and Berserker. The master and servant duo who defeat the rest win the holy grail and are hereby granted one wish each.

This show has everything you would expect from an amazing anime like this, from intense action scenes to deeper character developments. Speaking of characters, character has a unique personality. Unlike many anime this show doesn’t have fanservice, which makes this show pretty mature in it’s own unique ways. All the characters are mostly adults and have a somewhat dark nature or past.

Fate/Zero Cap

This has anime one of the best visually appealing animation you would hope for, Studio Ufotable is to be blamed for solid consistency. The fight scenes which obviously are the key elements of the show, are portrayed to the finest extent.

As much I love Fate/Zero, I don’t like its predecessors which have nothing that great in them, I guess the studios has to be blamed, as the 2006 version of Fate/Stay night was done by Studio Deen and Fate/Zero is done by Ufotable. For those who don’t know, this fall 2014 Ufotable is going to release Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works’ which will retell the story of Fate/Stay Night as noted from ANN.

Fate Zero Servants

Fate/Zero is in all a full packed anime series, baked to perfection if you ignore it’s last episode while rating. Everybody can enjoy this show for it’s unique setting and intensely mature content which makes it a must watch anime.

You’ll can watch the entire series on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab & Hulu.

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