Divinity Explores A God-like Human Bringing Utopia

Divinity is a four-issue miniseries that debuted this february by Valiant Comics which follows a Russian cosmonaut leaving to explore the far depths of the universe who returns back to Earth as a powerful deity.

What is amazing about publishers like Valiant is that they have a kind of creative freedom which you won’t expect in major your major labels so you can expect the possibilities to be vast here.

Divinity is written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine & Ryan Winn.

The story begins in the Soviet Russia in the Cold War era when US and Russia are fighting to be ahead in every way possible, so just when US announces that if will send the first man on the Moon, Soviet Russia decides on to go beyond Moon. Surely the mission would take a lot of time so Soviet Russia keeps everything a secret from the world.


Abram Adams being one of the finest persons from the Army is asked to travel in the space and he surely accepts his government’s offer to leave everything behind and leave planet with the possibility of return after 30 years.

Fast forward to modern day, we find Abram our protagonist somewhere in the Australian Outback but something is changed, he is no more a normal human being, he possess powers to grant people what they desire.

Obviously various powers of the world are not happy with that and they are finding ways to trump him. Well that is the least I can tell you before spoiling the series.

Divinity Art

The Art doesn’t feel all that great though, I mean when you look, it just looks pretty average. Still the covers are great.

I have read the first two issues of the comic and I must say that it surely is well written and since it is a miniseries that are also no filers, still I feel like there should had been more clarity.

Divinity #3 Cover

Divinity #3 Cover

The series is something completely different, I mean it has the power to hook user to the story and urge him to explore more. I don’t know how the series would end but till now it had been pretty amazing.

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