‘Destiny’ is the Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made

Recent games have been known to have budgets of Hollywood blockbusters but Destiny just blows away every other game. With its budget of 500 million US dollars (£310 million) it is the most expensive game ever made but that’s not all, the minds behind the games are the maker of the Halo franchise and is published Activision, so it is obvious that there will be plenty of buzz surrounding this game.

Destiny feels and looks breathtaking.

According to reports, Activision has already shipped more than $500 million worth of Destiny to retail stores and first parties worldwide by Sept. 9. Obviously those are not the sales numbers but still it’s kinda awesome. Activision says that this makes the game  the biggest new franchise launch in history.

Destiny Graphics

“Destiny is the game we’ve always wanted to make. We’ve dreamt of this universe for years, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to swing open the doors and let fans shape this experience as they tell their unique stories in the game. For us, the next generation of games is all about allowing players to collide and interact with each other as they take on epic, action-packed adventures all their own.”  -said Bungie president Harold Ryan

Even after all that it is not the budget that makes Destiny awesome but the actual game itself. The game is set 700 years in the future, where humans who takes role of one of the mysterious Guardians are in middle of war against a mysterious entity known as The Darkness and their alien allies but this game is not like every first-person shooters, what sets it apart is its setting and gameplay elements. Part-fantasy and part-science-fiction inspired from the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and even Legend of Zelda and of course Halo.

Interesting point here is GTA V sold $800 million worth copies back in 2013, which made it the bestselling video game of all time also GTA V crossed $1 billion sales in just three days, which were shipped to consumers and not retailers so GTA V retains the best-seller crown.

If you’ll just talk about sheer number of copies shipped to retail outlets then Call of Duty: Ghosts sold $1 billion into retail on its first day at retail.

Destiny Game

Obviously the game industry is excited about the game but the true challenge is whether the Destiny servers can handle all its gamers at once and will the interest continue after a few weeks later its launch, because games like SimCity and Grand Theft Auto Online faced various difficulties with keeping their severs up on launch and the interest for games like Titanfall exponentially decreased few weeks after its launch.

Meanwhile check out the live-action trailer above and gameplay trailer below and tell us what do you think about Destiny.

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