Deathstroke vs Deadpool: Clash Of The Mercenaries

With the Deadpool movie back on its track I decided to have a take on two of the most renowned mercenaries in the comic world, Marvel’s Deadpool and DC’s Deathstroke.


Deadpool Featured

Well folks he needs no introduction, the Merc with a mouth was first seen in new mutants. Being given the real name as Wade Wilson as an inside joke to Slade Wilson aka the Deathstroke, he appears in several issues of Marvel’s comics . But what really did good to this character was the cult popularity it gained from its own comic series and has been one of the fan favorites since then.

Powers And Abilities

His primary power being accelerated healing factor helps him regenerate any destroyed tissue at a superhuman rate and immune to all diseases humanly known. He has superhuman strength, agility, speed. The healing power applicable to his brain makes him invulnerable to psychic and telepathic powers but also is the cause of his psychosis and mental instability. He was even able to regrow his head when it was destroyed by the Hulk.

He is skilled in various forms of martial arts, is an excellent swordsman and marksman. Even multilingual This along with his psychosis makes him an unpredictable opponent which makes him all the more awesome. He also has a magical satchel providing him unlimited weapons and ammo and can master any weapon in less than 5 minutes.


He is very comedic talkative, annoying, irritating and what the creators call him as STUPID. Tends to lose focus in between battles due to such nature and his psychosis. An interesting one HE IS ALSO SCARED OF COWS.



Now this guy is the real inspiration behind Deadpool’s creation. There’s nothing much to say. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke first appeared in the new teen titans. The ex-military, no nonsense guy received his own comic series owing to its popularity.

Powers And Abilities

According to the comic bios he is an absolute superhuman. The reason being the strength of ten men, heightened speed, agility, reflexes that he possesses.Being able to use almost 90% of his brain makes him a tactical genius and one of the most intellectual character in the comic rooster. He has great endurance to pain and has a healing factor with limitations like regenerating entire limbs or his missing eye. Furthermore his Nth metal armor enhances his superhuman abilities.

A skilled martial artist, who is skilled in the use of guns, swords and rifles. His signature weapon is a power staff that can cause energy blasts or even fire bullets and pellets. The staff could bend and stretch to include both of his martial art forms. The Nth metal armor provides insane protection and allows him to absorb blows from some of the mightiest DC beings. Even multilingual for the record.


One can say that it’s the missing right eye. Yes that’s right to some extent apart from the fact that his fighting ability has yet to be hindered by his blindness. So this section is not even necessary for Deathstroke as the mercenary so far hasn’t displayed any.

So Who Wins?


So folks you see that both of them are similar to each other. So its very difficult to decide who is superior. Even though Deadpool sounds like a more awesome character in comparison due to his comedic personality but if the two decide to take on each other in a battle, Deathstroke would have an edge taking into account what a tactical genius he is and how he stays focused during the battle and that Deadpool is crazy and might tend to lose concentration, but that’s when we consider a one on one battle where killing is not the objective but knocking down the opponent is but considering the fact that Deadpool is immortal, we can easily say that Deadpool and defeat Deathstroke because Deadpool even he is kinda dumb can make Deathstroke so exhausted at the point in the fight that he can easily take him down. It’s just the matter of perspective whether it would be a death match or a normal face-off.

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  • Illuminati

    En primer lugar, deathstroke es un derivado de deadshot ya que deadshot es de 1950 creado por DC’s y en 1974 Marvel hizo una creación llamada deathlok que era una copia de deadshot en base nombre y características del uniforme, después en 1980 DC’s hizo como una evolución de deadshot llamada deathstroke cuyas habilidades eran factor de curación acelerada fuerza y sentidos aumentados considerablemente gran puntería y habilidad con cualquier arma, ahora en 1991 Marvel hizo una derivada de deathlok y copia de deathstroke, llamada deadpool que las habilidades y características eran EXACTAS A LAS DE DESTHSTROKE que eran factor de curación superior al de wolverine habilidad con cualquier arma fuerza y sentidos superhumanos y por ultimo inmunidad telepática, el nombre de deathstroke que es Slade Wilson y el de deadpool que es Wade Wilson, hasta se copiaron del nombre!!!

    En la primera ves que se fue a disque presentar Marvel le dijo a Rob Liefeld y a Fabián Nieciza que el personaje creado era el mismo deathstroke, optaron por solo ponerle un apellido mas que es Winston.

    Por ultimo, yo opino que ambos deberían de ser presentados como hermanos o como parientes al menos, ya que si hacen una pelea entre ellos os ninguno ganara, porque ambos son inmortales se podría decir así ya que las balas y las espadas no afectan a ninguno, pero si les cortan un pedazo ya quedaría ahí el pedazo, como con el ojo derecho de deathstroke que no lo pudo recuperar y como en arrow la serie, que le cortan la cabeza y ahí queda deathstroke ya no sale :’v.
    Pero si deberían de hacer eso(es mi opinión y me vale como quieran tomarla)

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