The Deadpool Movie is Back on Track

There were many times in the past when Deadpool movie was cancelled but this time around due to that awesome leaked test footage the movie is now officially green-lit by 20th Century Fox.

Deadpool is popular among comic-book fans because of its hilarious nature, but after that unfortunate portrayal in X-Men: Origins – Wolverine character’s solo presence on the big screen was questionable. Even the fact that the original comic is R-Rated, made the movie producers nervous about making this movie a reality.


Although the above leak footage was in complete CG the movie will surely be a live-action movie. The leak footage generated enough hype for Fox to green-lit the Deadpool Movie and even set a release date which is dated Feb. 16, 2016.

“I had meetings on the Fox lot that following week [after the footage leaked], and that Deadpool footage was all the buzz. It had an impact. You could see it and feel it in the executive suites. It was palatable.

I absolutely believe that the leaked footage served as one of those signature moments when fandom united across all social media platforms and made their voices heard. Can you imagine if the masses had disapproved of the footage? In this ruthless take down culture … it could have been ugly. Fortunately for all involved, it broke on the overwhelmingly positive side. It was a tidal wave of unbridled enthusiasm.”  Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, In an interview with Cinema Blend

Also known (in his non-masked identity) as Wade Wilson, the wisecracking but amoral hero-for-hire will be probably played by Ryan Reynolds and will be surely directed by Tim Miller of Blur Studio. The duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have written the script which is already ready.

Deadpool Magneto LOL

Deadpool is an amoral, psychotic mercenary which could be perfectly portrayed in a R-rated film but the usual superhero flicks are PG-13 so it can be a family entertainer and grab some wide audience. There are various rumors floating around the web that Deadpool might be a PG-13 movie but nothing is clear yet.

One more thing that makes Deadpool a profitable venture for 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment is that the character can be easily blended into X-Men movies. Although Deadpool is clubbed with the X-Men, he’s not actually a mutant himself, instead he gained an insanely powerful healing factor as part of a military experiment.

Deadpool Funny

Deadpool is undoubtedly the last genuinely popular Marvel character (he appeared in 1991). He’s additionally a fellow with a generous fanbase that has been trusting for this flick to happen for a long, long time.

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