Dead Days: A Thrilling Tale Based in a Zombie Apocalypse

Dead Days is based in a Zombie Apocalyptic world but it is a bit different from others. For starters I never expected a Manhwa/Webtoon to be of such amazing quality.

Mostly when I think of Zombies in Pop Culture I kinda know what I am about to get, you know the usual stuff but recently after watching iZombie I changed my perspective. Dead Days is also different but not completely different.

Dead Days 1

The idea rather the usual, A zombie virus has broken out, those who are not affected are locked up in their houses and they tend to survive on the resources available to them but how long will they last.

I like how the story focuses on completely ordinary character types. So the story is based around this guy called Jingook who is stuck in his bedroom because his Mom just turned into a Zombie and she is just across the door of his room. The story changes dramatically when he sees the girl in next building.

Dead Days 2

There is catch though, biting doesn’t spread the virus no does breathing, actually the reason is yet to be discovered but I think it has something to do with human’s selfish desires.

Dead Days is written by DEY and illustrated by DEY & MEPP.

Dead Days 3

When you will read Dead Days you will be amazed by its amazing art, I mean this is a weekly serialization and is an Independent comic still the amount of attention given to the art is amazing. Really it puts some of the big titles to shame. Thanks to it’s pace even character developments are better which are usually ignored when it comes to such medium.

The story is a little slow paced but is quite engaging. You can never predict what could happen next. As I said before it isn’t completely different from your regular Zombie Apocalyptic series but the thing that differentiated it from the rest is amazing. A thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

If you haven’t read Dead Days yet, you can start reading it right now over at LINE Webtoons

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