This is DC’s Plan to Beat Marvel

Marvel is rocking the big screen with its Superhero movies and the folks over at DC just can’t keep watching as Marvel is slowly taking over the comic book movie business. So Warner Bros. just revealed their most aggressive lineup of movies, these movies will be coming between 2016 and 2020. WB plans to release a whopping 13 movies based on DC comic book characters with sprinkles of solo Batman & Superman movies beyond those 13 movies.


Jason Momo Will Play Aquaman

Here’s what is going to come, Suicide Squad will be the next DC flick after Batman V. Superman which releases in 2016. In 2017 there will be a standalone Wonder Woman along with a Justice League movie. Then in 2018 they will release The Flash movie (starring Ezra Miller) along with an Aquaman flick (starring Jason Momoa). Next in 2019 is Shazam (Dwayne Johnson plays Black Adam) also in 2019 is a sequel to the Justice League. Then in 2020 there will be a Cyborg movie and a new Green Lantern movie, too. Not to forget those solo Batman & Superman movies along with three LEGO movies.

The Flash TV/Movie

Left: Ezra Miller will star in the film adaptation of “The Flash.” Right: Grant Gustin stars in the live-action TV series “The Flash.”

And now it’s official that TV and movie versions of The Flash will be different and will not be connected as speculated before as they are both played by different actors. What’s more interesting is that, now we also know that Zack Snyder will be directing the two Justice League movies and David Ayer (Fury) is in talks to direct the Suicide Squad.

I guess half of these movies might not even get made, as these just sounds much like a word to Marvel and all those critics that even DC & WB have their things planned for a long time. As you know, even the very first movie comes out after 18 months. But let’s take this announcement at it’s face value.

They have also said that the Suicide Squad will not feature Harley Quinn so I am a bit sad about that.

Dawn Of Justice

DC & WB expects that the rest of the solo movies like the Wonder Woman movie and Aquaman movie kickstarts by that Batman V. Superman movie which will introduce these characters for the first time in the live-action cinematic universe.

There are many things which can go wrong and I don’t think Wonder Woman flick would go wrong or even Justice League won’t but what worries me is those Green Lantern and Cyborg movies.

If DC plays its cards well, everything would be alright.

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