Some Beautifully Dark Illustrations By Ronin (Christopher Shy)

Ronin is transforming the dark arts with his inspirational artistic black magic. Christopher Shy, who goes by the pen name Ronin, is a freelance fantasy and science fiction artist. Managing to capture a truly dark scene, and present the viewer with a disturbing yet beautiful image is a real skill. Interestingly Christopher isn’t just an artist, he is also a writer and has written several Graphic Novels. His graphic novel Pathfinder is an adaptation of the film of the same name.

His illustrations includes some amazing original works along with some Pop Culture classics such as Star Wars, Akira or Mad Max. Welcome to the Dark Side.

Ronin (Christopher Shy)

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Fury Road

Ricky & Morty

Cowboy Bebop


I Sleep In Stone


Star Wars Dark Arts

Man to Leaves Twenty

The Red Son



Silent Leaves Seventeen

The Forgotten One

Soul Stealer

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