The Cosplay Of New York Comic Con 2014

Today I look at some of the best cosplay of New York Comic Con 2014. For starters New York is a busy city, the business capital but that doesn’t stop the resident cosplayers and others from showcasing their love for geek culture. Every year there are 100’s of awesome cosplayers showcasing their favorite characters, this was also no exception. There were some seriously legendary stuff like those LoL and DotA 2 characters, hell lot of superheroes and lots more awesome stuff. Anyways I have collected some of the finest cosplay from various places on the internet, check them out!


Venom Cosplay by Steven Leun


Misty Cosplay by CoffeeVulture


Frozone Cosplay by Steven Leun

Silent Hill Nurse

Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay by thatTJjohnson

Keroro Platoon Cosplay

Keroro Platoon Cosplay by CircusTent


Raven by thatTJjohnson

Ash Cosplay

Ash Ketchum Cosplay by MarioSimpson1

Sauron Cosplay

Sauron Cosplay by DettyCosplay

Magneto Cosplay

Magneto Cosplay by thatTJjohnson

Witches Cosplay

Witches Cosplay by zer0guard

Starlord Cosplay

Starlord Cosplay by zer0guard


Superman Cosplay by Michael Byrnes

Chell cosplay

Chell Cosplay by alisonjeffery


Nightwing Cosplay by zer0guard

Lollipop Creedsaw

Lollipop Creedsaw Cosplay by Kitedot

White Rabbit Cosplay

White Rabbit Cosplay by Blerona

Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess Cosplay by RocknamLee

Wonder woman

Wonder Woman by Richie S

Mass Effect Blood Dragon

Mass Effect Blood Dragon Cosplay by eidylon

Link Cosplay

Link Cosplay by Beat Down Boogie


Batman Cosplay by Tested

Joker Cosplay

Joker Cosplay by Joe Alfano

Tardis Cosplay

TARDIS Cosplay by Chuck

Gambit Cosplay

Gambit Cosplay by Richie S


Thranduil Cosplay by Steven Leung

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