Some Amazing Eye-Popping Concept Art By Bastien Grivet

There are regular artists and then there are these amazing conceptual artists, who bring amazing fictional worlds to life. Bastien Grivet is one such amazing conceptual artists. Based in Montpellier, France Bastien has worked some really big names like Ubisoft, Warner Bros and others to bring their fictional universes to life. What makes Concept artists like Bastien Grivet amazing is the fact that they fuel their canvas solely by the power of their vivid imagination.

There are concept artists whose visual point of view is firmly felt in the movies that they have worked on, such as Ralph McQuarrie with Star Wars and HR Giger with Alien. Although not just limited to films but also in Animation and Video Game Production.

Talking about Bastien, he seems to be quite amused by Sci-Fi/Fantasy or atleast his artworks speak that. See it for yourself below and be amazed!

Bastien Grivet

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Dark Knight Dino Thunder Empire Explorer Fast Fight Future HP Tower Island Last Stop Mecha Power Call Queen Quick Stop Sith Lord Steampunk Titan Valley Andromeda Area 52 Arrival autumn 2 autumn Bad Day Beauty and the Beast cosmos 14

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