Comic Speedsters Who Can Beat The Flash In A One On One Battle

The Flash surely left us at the edge of our seats in the mid season finale, while the Flash has evolved as a Superhero over time we are yet to see him in full throttle. While he may say that he is the fastest man alive, there are many speedsters across the comicverse who can easily take him down in a one on one battle.

Why am I concentrating only on Speedsters? Well as we all know to beat one speedster we need another speedster. Even though that’s not exactly true anyone would like to see two people running around at amazing speeds trying to beat the crap out of each other.

Let’s get down to the science first. The Speedsters in the comic universe are classified according to what speeds and what speed barriers they break.

Scientifically, taking in consideration both the comic universes, there are a total of 5 barriers.

  • Sound barrier which equals to approx 1234.37 kph.
  • Light barrier which equals to approx 11108 kph.
  • Time barrier which is approx 1011108 kph.
  • Dimensional barrier and Speed force barrier which are incalculable. However Speedforce is much greater.
  • Finally there is infinity and you will be pretty surprised to know that there is a character traveling at that speed too.

So let’s get back to the comic speedsters for whom I explained this bit.



Makkari is the fastest amongst all the other characters in the marvel universe. He can run at several times the speed of light. He is a cosmic eternal of the earth. He was genetically engineered first by the celestials from the early man and later empowered by Kronos who implemented his cosmic experiments on him. With superhuman strength, stamina, unaccountable speed, psionics, flight, teleportation and cosmic energy manipulation, the Flash surely has to do something special to beat this one. When there’s Makkari who needs Quicksilver, eh?

The Runner

The Runner

The Runner is said to be an Elder of the universe like Galactus and the Grandmaster. He was even the fastest being in the Marvel universe until Makkari defeated him in the Galactic Marathon. The Runner is immortal. The main key to his immortality as he said earlier was that if he is held captive on one planet, the Runner would die. Considering this the Runner opted never to slow down and explore the universe and protect his freedom. The runner was in possession of the Space Gem which allowed him to teleport in the universe anyplace anytime. He even fought Thanos when he was in the quest of the infinity gems. However he lost because of the time gem which was in Thanos’s hands.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd is one of the elders of the universe. He is one of the most powerful being in the entire universe in the Marvel Comics and has many powers which have been granted to him by Galactus. Godlike speed, invulnerability, Godlike stamina, Superhuman strength, matter and energy manipulation and absorption etc will make the Surfer a hard nut to crack for the Flash.


All Star Superman

Many of you might say that the Flash was the winner in the race between the two, but back then Supes was not in his full potential. Superman in his most powerful form — Superman Prime 1 million easily exceeds the speed of light by many a times. He once travelled with a relative ease from the 21st century to the 700th century. Well Flash might be faster than the Man of Steel, but speed isn’t always the factor, agree?

The Black Flash

The Black Flash

The Black flash is the Grim Reaper of the Flash universe. His main intention is to return all speedsters to the Source of their super speed, the speed force itself. His speed is the speed force itself which is incalculable. His main powers include freezing time for those who are out of the speed force. Mainly remembered for the death of Barry Allen and Bart Allen in the comics.


Hunter Zolomon

Zoom or otherwise known as Hunter Zolomon is believed to be the fastest amongst all the other speedsters in the DC universe. Currently the center of attraction in the Flash season 2, Hunter Zolomon is so quick that even some of the speedsters see him as a blur. Being supremely powerful as seen in the TV series, he earns a place in the list.

Black Racer

Black Racer

So this guy is the most powerful character in the list. He is God, an omnipotent character, a face of Death. Controlled by Darkseid earlier, this manifestation of death has had many hosts over the comic history. The Black Racer’s speed has been mentioned infinite. His most significant work came when he scared away the Flash and was used to kill Darkseid in a speed war with Barry Allen and Wally West.

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