Comic Book Heroes Reimagined in Various Artworks

Every comic book hero has his own distinct identity but what if we merge two of such identities or just re-imagine heroes in completely  different avatars in which you may have never seen them before. Just in time I decided to collect a bunch of such awesome artworks created by some amazing artist.

Its interesting to see how these artists imagine these heroes, I mean if I could, I would’ve kept this list way longer but lets just look at some of such amazing artworks. Artists have imagined superheros as in 16th century paintings, as Muppets, as Indians and in many amazingly creative forms. Check them out and don’t forget to appreciate the artist whose link will be marked as source.

Batman Re-Imagined

Artwork By Chris Uminga

Heroes As Indians

Artwork By Raj Kamal

Supes in historywonder woman Batman Eeeerg Hulk All Hail Vader Spidey

Artwork By Sacha Goldberger


Artwork By Brendan Tobin

Egyptian Iron Man

Artwork By Adi Granov

Avengers As Animals

Artwork By Chris Samnee

Muppets 1 Muppets 2 Muppets 3 Muppets 4 Muppets 5

Artwork By Roger Langridge

Fat Wolverine Fat Spiderman Fat Superman Fat Ranger Fat Star Fat Trooper Fat Joker Fat Goku

Artwork By Alex Solis

Supergirl Anime 9b robin Anime catwoman anime DC Anime

Artwork By Santi Casas

Batman Noir

Artwork By Henrik Sahlstrom

Heroes as Robots Heroes as Robots Heroes as Robots Heroes as Robots Heroes as Robots

Artwork By Justin Currie

Superhero secrets

Artwork By Greg Guillemin

Gotham 2054

Artwork By Tom Edwards

Deadpool Rising

Artwork By Kode

Marvel Babies

Artwork By Skottie Young

Yup, those were some fine pieces of artworks, anyways if you are a artist you can ping us on any of our social networks or just mail us at the email address stated over here to get your awesome work featured.

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