Coherence Is An Underrated Microbudget Sci-Fi Thriller Masterpiece

I don’t quite remember why I went for this movie, It didn’t even sound that appealing on the internet, but still I went for it and I am glad that I did.

Suppose you murder your roommate, then you dump his/her body and go back home just to see that you roommate is very much alive and sitting on the couch, watching TV, chilled out and having no idea what the look of horror actually means. Yup, Coherence is that kind of a movie, in case you’re wondering Horror is the word.

For starters, Coherence is a Sci-Fi thriller movie, but I would rather list it in the Horror genre. That’s because at the end the movie will leave you terrified, questioning your very existence. The thrill and the science part is fine, but the horror just gives you chills. Plus the entire movie is set during the night which intensifies the horror even more.The premise of the film is mostly set in the interiors of a house.

There aren’t any big names in the movie. The movie only consists of 8 people from start to end and another character who is only heard of. The actors have done a good job keeping up with the intensity and thrill of the movie.

It all starts with a reunion amongst 8 friends during Haley’s comet night. They even talk about how strange things happened the last time the comet appeared. Like how people lost their way home, how some ended up in the wrong homes etc. And then Boom! The lights go off. Chaos starts when a person who goes outside to check for lights returns back saying that he saw all of them in the other house in the same scenario.

The movie is based on the science of reality and parallel Universes (which is not portrayed as shown in the Flash). There’s no complicated science as such. Once the movie gets into its premise, there’s no stopping the chills running up your spine. You are sure to be shocked from start to end. There’s no dull moment in the movie. Amidst all the chaos it maintains a good flow throughout.


Emily Foxler and Maury Sterling in a scene from COHERENCE. Photo courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories.

The best part according to me is the transitions amongst the parallel universes, they are just stunning. Sometimes they are so subtle that you won’t even feel it. Even the moment of truth makes you feel like WTF JUST HAPPENED?! It keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end. What surprised me the most is the end, like you won’t even expect such a thing.

I am not trying to oversell the movie. The movie is good, something out of the box for an indie movie but it’s not great. You can see the technical issues with cinematography, overlapping dialogues, and the chaotic scenes at the exteriors.Also what I didn’t like was the fact that they were verbally trying to explain the science behind what’s happening. I would have rather liked if they only stuck with the thrill and horrors. However this errors hold no importance once the tone of the movie sets.

I wanted to write this piece just because I felt some reviews didn’t justify how good the movie is. In the end, I would totally recommend Coherence to anyone, especially for the sci-fi and the thriller audience out there, it’s a must watch.

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