Civil War II Yet Again Forces You’ll to Take Sides

Tragedy has struck Marvel’s heroes again. With Captain America: Civil War blowing the box office, a Civil War II miniseries from Marvel Comics was inevitable. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and imagineered by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, Civil War II yet again forces you’ll to take sides.

Following the road of the first Civil War event the series sees opposing factions of superheroes led by Captain Marvel and Iron Man come into conflict.

Civil War II 2

If superheroes had a way to predict the future and prevent disastrous attacks from ever happening, should they act on it?

The series showcases a newly incorporated Inhuman called Ulysses, he has the ability to see the events future. Later, the Inhumans help the Avengers defeat an invading Celestial. Soon it is known to the heroes that it was because of a vision Ulysses had. Like always Iron-Man has a problem with that because he believes that time must not be something to be messed with but Captain Marvel has a different idea, she believes that exploiting the knowledge of future we can improve it. Things happen later in the first issue of Civil War II leading some severe damage only to cause more trouble between Captain Marvel & Iron-Man.

Iron Man And Captain Marvel

The comic has its flashy moments, a huge, fantastic team fight but what really works well are it’s more emotionally devastating scenes. Although I hate why is it always Iron-Man who is wrong, just see the first Civil War or the recent Secret Wars. I think Captain Hydra (got it?) would had been a good choice instead of Iron-Man. Anyways he’s here and so is Spiderman, Deadpool and many other.

Marquez’s art is gorgeous from start to finish. He and colorist Justin Ponsor make the cosmic threat at the start of the issue look truly imposing. His depiction of our heroes is surreal and those battles, he just makes it looks amazing.

While Civil War II isn’t Marvel’s most impressive effort, yet it is a good start. Now I’m eager to see how Marvel’s epic crossover will play out.

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