A Certain Magical Index, Not Completely Bad As They Say

Before I started watching A Certain Magical Index, many suggested me to skip it completely to watch it’s spin-off series A Certain Scientific Railgun. Yet I decided to watch this series and to my surprise it wasn’t that bad of a show as many painted it to be.

Set in Academy City, Japan, at the forefront of science, resides our protagonist Touma Kamijou. In a city full of espers, where science has allowed people possess supernatural powers, he is powerless. Yet rather somehow his right-hand possess a special power which cancels every supernatural power when brought in contact with it. His life completely changes when he meets the strange Index Librorum Prohibitorum or Index in short.


Although the premise of the show may sound a bit generic but trust me it isn’t. That’s mostly because the show is a mess. A Certain Magical Index is divided into various arcs and each new arc introduces one or more new characters. Leaving no room for character development. And don’t get me started on the plotholes.

I find it interesting that this show’s title character virtually went missing after the second arc. I realize that Misaka is the more popular character. Hence she’s going to get more screentime than Index but c’mon.


Yet, ignoring all that this is a really fun show to watch. Touma Kamijou meets interesting people – sometimes they come as friend, sometimes as enemies who convert to friends and just sometimes baddies out to be bad. No matter what happens he’s fiercely loyal to his friends, wins them over and as a result finds himself with a gaggle of stunning, powerful, woman who count themselves as his allies.

And ofcourse the tsundere of the show, Misaka Mikoto. She actually is much better developed character than Touma or Index. It was only fair for her to get her own Spin-off.

As far as the Animation goes, it is pretty standard. Not bad, not great but quite decent.

Full Cast

Overall, A Certain Magical Index is a show that blends action, paranormal, and comedy into it. It is packed with a huge cast of likeable and intriguing characters. Many tense, dangerous and exhilarating events to draws them closer. If you’re already a fan or looking for something new to sink into, then you can’t go wrong with A Certain Magical Index.

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