Captain America: Civil War, A Triumph Over Superhero Storytelling

Captain America: Civil War marks the start of Marvel’s ambitious Phase 3 and to be completely honest, they do it with a bang. I mean Civil War isn’t just good it’s one of the best movies Marvel has ever made. Afterall Captain America is Marvel’s most established character.

Civil War showcases that prolonged continuity across the universe isn’t just good for the business but also for great storytelling. When the Avengers first assembled four years ago, it didn’t just mark the birth of a yet another movie franchise but something more creative. Now Marvel has arrived with Captain America: Civil War, the latest in their progressively expanding franchise, with a lineup that includes a dozen superheroes.


In a world full of greater than life powerful Superheroes, there are equally dangerous villains and between them are the ordinary civilians. While Superhero may triumph over the bad but in their fight to greatness they may cause casualties and massive destruction of properties. Killing lots of innocent civilians. Marvel loosely pounders around this idea in this flick.

It all begins with a combat operation in Nigeria where the Captain, Wanda, Falcon & Widow successfully recover a bio-weapon from a evil group but in doing so they cause a massive loss of property and life. This causes a global stir as Avengers frequently neglect border regulations and cause massive destruction in their fights. Soon it is decided that the Avengers must be kept under the control of UN. This is where things began to get dirty as Captain America is against this idea.


Sooner at a UN event where Iron Man and Widow were about to pledge to work under UN, suddenly Boom! and People are lying dead everywhere. Soon from the CCTV footage they realize that Bucky was behind this attack. This is where things get real bad between the Avengers. As Captain believes that Bucky is innocent and while trying to save him from the hands of the Government even he gets marked as a criminal.

Everything aside Marvel really has a solid reason to get two Superheroes fighting, this is not some hastily assembled superhero brawl to sell more movie tickets. Speaking about fights sequences, they are just a pleasure to watch as every move is so finely crafted.

I am not overhyping it when I say that the airport battle in Civil War is the best I have ever seen in a superhero movie. The scale is big, with a dozen heroes facing off, but what’s more it all works – this doesn’t feel like someone threw the characters up in the air and saw where they landed but rather like every beat and every interaction was carefully put together.

Spider-Man’s Costume

While I thought the cameos of Ant-Man & Spider-Man might ruin the great atmosphere of the movie. It did the complete opposite, they added a bit of humor as both Ant-Man & Spider-Man were excited to be with Avengers rather than fighting them.

Black Panther

Before I forget allow me to introduce you’ll to the new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. He isn’t a demigod like Thor or a megaton powerhouse like the Hulk, but he can more than hold his own in combat. Civil War has him deeply connected to the happening in the movie, not just thrown in.

So here it is guys, the very peak of shared universes. Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel Studios movie yet. There, I said it.

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