We Are All Evolving, So Is Break Bang

Break Bang has come a long way from it’s existence. World around you and me has changed a lot in those years so has Break Bang. Nope, I not talking about the new design, which probably isn’t final at the time of writing this post. I am talking about the future of Break Bang, as of where I see it.

Break Bang started as a nifty little blog exploring various branches of the geek entertainment culture but as I reached to this point now it has diversified into something that is more unique. When I started this site I never thought about covering news stories or sharing some distinct short films or just talking about greatest in science but heck I do that now. It is something which Break Bang has evolved into.

Hold on, before you say anything stupid, no I am not shutting it down I am just reorganising. In over two years I have realized what you as readers want and I seriously working on it right now on how I could deliver.

Over a period of few days ahead you might see less to no posts at all, that’s partially because of this reorganizing and partly because my semester exams.

So what am I going to do? Of course that is the obvious question ahead. Well first things first I will get the design sorted as quickly as possible. As soon as the design is sorted a new stream of content will start flowing.

The new content will be based around various if not all genres of entertainment rather than types although some things never change. Basically, Superheroes, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, Shorts and so much more. I won’t talk much on this and will let the content do all the talking.

Nevertheless, thank you for everything.

The Unusual geek, Having a special place for Anime and Manga. Art lover and a crazy Internet Surfer.

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