Black Mirror Showcases Dark Realities Of Our Society

You can’t briefly describe the plot of Black Mirror because there isn’t any. Every episode of Black Mirror has a different story, different actors and a completely different setting.

Every episode taps into the dark uneasiness of our modern society. I think the most underlying message it tries to convey is about our technological slavery. Every episode, even if it may not be a masterpiece is surely thought provoking.

Entire History Of You

Every now and then, I would stop to wonder if an alternate future posited by a Black Mirror was plausible.

Through sci-fi metaphor, this series talks about various modern issues like materialism, exhibitionism, media invasion and many more. In nearly every story, technology meant to improve our lives and bring us closer together has instead isolated us from one another, with phones, tablets and other devices usurping the position of basic human interaction.

One difficulty in writing about Black Mirror, is that since every episode has a different story and I can’t tell you how awesome it is unless I describing a few episodes — which I won’t do.

BM Title

Still I think that it isn’t that kind of show which everyone might enjoy because firstly there is a lot of inconsistency and then there is this slow pace which might bore you till you get to the exciting part of the episode. Moving on I thought since this series is like a analogy, there possibly isn’t much scope for character development but if you don’t watch the entire series in one go then you might really think hard as the stories are that good.

Finally all I would say is, if you want a drama with dark twist or a series that is completely original then just watch Black Mirror.

If you’ll haven’t watched Black Mirror, watch it now on Netflix in all of its territories except U.K. and Ireland.

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