Some Of The Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay

Guardians Of The Galaxy was kind of a turning point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it proved that even almost unknown comic book properties can do wonders at the box office. For those under the rock, Guardians of the Galaxy follows a group of intergalactic criminals who are forced to work together to stop a fanatical warrior from taking control of the universe. In the aftermath of the Phalanx invasion of the Kree, Star-Lord decides to form a team of interstellar heroes that will be proactive in protecting the galaxy, rather than reacting to crises as they happen.

We won’t get to see another iteration of Guardians Of The Galaxy till 2017 and while the Volume 2 of the comic book releases, here are some of the finest Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay, although I couldn’t find much of Drax or Vance Astro the one below are surely amazing. Go treat your eyeballs!

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay 1*1 Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay 1*2

Featuring Ichi as the Groot, Nia as green Gamora and Sunji as Star-Lord. Photo By Pugoffka.

Star Lord

Featuring Will as Star-Lord. Photo by Fahr Sindram.

Rocket Raccoon Cosplay

Featuring Cheshire as Rocket Raccoon. Photo by Pugoffka.

Gamora Cosplay

Featuring Kay Pike as Gamora.

Angela Cosplay

Featuring Miss Sinister Cosplay as Angela. Photo by Laphotonet.

Gender Blender Cosplay

Featuring Sheila as Star-Lord and Sylar as Gamora. Photo by York In A Box.

Star Lord Cosplay

Featuring Sunji as Star-Lord. Photo by Pugoffka.

Gamora Cosplay X

Featuring Camille as Gamora. Photo by CamraKaze.

Ronan the Accuser Cosplay

Featuring Abyssinian Cosplay as Ronan the Accuser. Photo by Shashin Kaihi Photography.

Adam Warlock & Phyla Vell Cosplay

Featuring Victor Castaño as Adam Warlock and Glorya as Phyla Vell. Photo by Fernando Cortés.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay

Featuring Nebula, Gamora, Star-Lord & Groot. Photo by Fritz Taquiqui Photography.

Rocket Raccoon Cosplay X

Featuring Emily as Rocket Raccoon. Photo by Estrada.

Nebula Cosplay

Featuring Nicci Fett as Nebula.

Ronan the Accuser Cosplay X

Featuring Kyle as Ronan the Accuser. Photo by Dan Bos.


Featuring Lyron Aquino as Groot. Photo by Drew O. Malbas.

Star-Lord & Gamora

Featuring Star-Lord & Gamora. Photo by Aperture Ashley.

Thanos Cosplay

Featuring Thanos, Photo by Geoffrey Stebbins.

Rocket Raccoon Cosplay Y

Featuring Silvia as Rocket Raccoon.

Yondu Cosplay

Featuring Yondu. Photo by Sizura.

Drax Cosplay

Featuring Drax, Photo by Lucky Mint Cosplay Photography.

Ti Asha Cosplay

Featuring Criminal Violet as Ti Asha. Photo by Pietro.

Star Lord Cosplay

Featuring Giovani Fernandes as Star-Lord. Photo by Livia B.

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