Best Games From E3 2014

Another installment of E3 has come to an end, while last year was all about next gen consoles this year it was all about awesome new games. Speaking of games here are a few games which are worth mentioning from the show.

Batman Arkham Knight

This new Batman game looks fabulous, In addition to that awesome awesome graphics is the all new Batmobile. Looking at the trailer the game-play looks promising but just keep your fingers crossed till the game hits next year.

Farcry 4

Farcry 3 was already awesome when it was launched in 2012 and with this new addition to the series it only earns respect all thanks to that in-depth crafting system, combat and stealth. Obviously after the previous installment of the series we do have some high level of expectations.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

This was one of the most exciting games of E# The trailer just seems to take the franchise to whole new level of awesomeness. The overall setting of 18th century Paris and non-player characters just look mind-blowing.

No Man’s Sky

This game looks weird. I mean the trailer is looks breathtaking. Seriously how you can’t like those eye-killer graphics but I can properly figure out the game-play mechanics. Being the only indie game in the list this game surely makes me more and more eager to tryout!

Natural Doctrine

This is a slick looking strategy-RPG. Although this game already launched in Japan, it is yet to come in the west and it soon will. This game seems to inherit much from final fantasy in some way. this is also one of those few games which supports PlayStation’s cross-play and cross-save functionality.

Forza Horizon 2

Being a Xbox exclusive this game takes a different approach by having separate versions for Xbox 360 and One. Visually speaking this is one of the best game out there and it’s game-play mechanics is second to none.


The Studio responsible for games Demon Souls and Dark Souls made this game which also makes this game tough to play by default. Although it looks way too similar to its previous soul games this one particularly is different. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki states that “We still want players to feel a sense of accomplishment.” The game looks gorgeous and is going to be a PS4 exclusive. Mostly I am relieved that challenge remains core to Bloodborne.

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