Some Of The Best ‘Attack On Titan’ Cosplay

Attack On Titan is an amazing anime. It was one of the most popular anime when it was airing back in 2013.

It is still popular, the manga is still ongoing and a live-action adaptation is on charts. We will also soon see a two part anime movie, which will be the compilation of the first season of the series. FYI second season of Attack on Titan is set to release in 2016.

Attack on Titan follows around three major characters, Eren, Mikasa and Armin living in a society protected from the Titans with huge walls. After the wall which protects their hometown is destroyed by Titans, Eren along with friends join the Military to take on the giant humanoid Titans and safeguard humans.

Anyways, the fans also empower the series with interesting artworks, fan fictions, Cosplay and much more. So lets look at some of the amazing Attack on Titan cosplay and lets save the rest for the next time.

Eren & Mikasa

Featuring Naru as Eren and Mimi as Mikasa, Photographed by Franka

AoT Levi Cosplay

Featuring Dantelian as Levi, Photographed by Rei

Fighting Titan Cosplay

Featuring Naru as Eren and Sas as Rivaille, Photographed by Kashikosa

Eren as Titan Cosplay

Featuring YukiGodbless as Eren, Photographed by JiakiDarkness

Annie AoT Cosplay

Featuring LadyxZero as Female Titan (Annie), Photographed by Halide Visions

Mikasa Cosplay

Featuring YukiGodbless as Mikasa, Photographed by JiakiDarkness

Levi x Hanji

Featuring Isamiaella as Levi and IshimaruK21 as Hanji, Photographed by Kieran

Petra Ral Cosplay

Featuring LadyxZero as Petra Ral, Photographed by Halide Visions

Levi Cosplay

Featuring Reika as Levi, Photographed by Erwin団長

Scouting legion

Featuring hydae as Christa RenzJunez-chan as Armin, Baka Saparkrara as MikasaVashii as Eren, Klunatic as Rivaille and Cabbage Col Chun as Hanji, Photographed by Hajime Isayama

Eren as Titan Cosplay

Featuring Son of Arnor Cosplay as Eren, Photographed by 3DBrooke

AoT Cinematic

Featuring Syukun as Eren and mm as Armin, Photographed by ZION

AoT Cosplay Gallery

Featuring Skye as Hanji, Photographed by Blurmage


Featuring Mon 小夢夢 as Various Charcters, Photographed by ZMC

Amazing AoT Cosplay

Featuring kitana911 as Eren, MarikoAngel as Armin and Adamae as  Mikasa, Photographed by Sketch Terner

Eren in Action

Featuring Green-Makakas as Levi, Photographed by Hase

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