R-Rated Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition is a Minor Improvement

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which released on March 25, 2016, the second film in the DC cinematic universe was set after the events of Man of Steel. The film was received poorly by the critics and was very divisive, there was a sort of hate and love situation with the film. Many DC fans outraged over the bad rating about the movie, even to the extent that the fans outright said that critics were paid off by Marvel to give bad ratings. Overall the movie was not that bad to have so low rating but it was not a masterpiece either.

Ultimate Edition

Two months later WB released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. It was released digitally worldwide and also was showed in select theaters across the world, and the reactions have been fairly good to this cut of the movie. It is said that Zack Snyder wanted to release this version of the movie in the theaters but WB wanted to cut it down to 150 minutes for more show timings. Fans were eagerly waiting for this version of the movie cuz it had a whole 30 minutes of unseen footage which had been cut from the theatrical cut. And we must say we love this version of the movie.

The main thing to remember here is that the people who initially hated the movie won’t like it either, but people who liked it but were let down by the editing and the unanswered questions in the film will be pleased to watch this cut. The movie altogether now feels much more consistent with the plot and flows very well. Especially the scenes with Clark/Superman character are very well explained. The Desert scene in the first half where Lois is working now makes much more sense as to what exactly happened there to the people and the village. Clark is shown investigating Batman and what’s up with the branding and the more brutal nature to him.


Lex’s plan makes much more sense, The thing with Lex is that he hates Superman, not just for a simple reason that he is a god to people or a good guy, the reason Zack gives is Knowledge without power is worthless and he thinks a guy with power but no knowledge can be destructive. he thinks of Superman as a powerful being which can be turned easily once circumstances turn. Lex is not strong physically but a genius at what he does. In this cut he is behind everything that happens in the film, the desert scene is set up by him to frame Superman. He is the one behind the killings of the criminals who are branded by Batman in the prison.

Wrapping up we can say that the theatrical cut is a missed opportunity by WB, but the Ultimate Edition is a savior. Many people are now turning towards the DC, but as we said earlier people who loved it will have a great time, but people who hated it will still complain for the Martha scenes and the third act of the film. Overall the first and second act now feel much more better. This now feels a Superman as well as a Batman film in comparison to the Theatrical cut which was mostly a Batman movie.

The Ultimate Cut is now Available Digitally and can be purchased on Blu-Ray this month.

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