Bastard, An Ongoing Dark Manhwa You Shouldn’t Miss

There has always been a stiff competition on Webtoons of many upcoming writers and artists who work really hard to get their work recognized. But amidst all this if you are able to create havoc in just 3-4 episodes, there’s ought to be something special about your stuff. And till now the series has lived upto it’s rising expectation.

Bastard Peak

Well you might say it’s beginners luck when a recently released manhwa gets more popularity than the old ongoing ones. But that does not seem to be the case with Bastard. In comparison to what I have experienced till now, even though it’s just the beginning, this is series is one of the most darkest anime, manga and manhwa I have ever come across.



The series follows the story of a School going boy named Jin. He lost his mother at a very early age and presently lives with his father. But something doesn’t seem right to him as he concludes that his father’s business trips and the abductions in his neighborhood are more than just mere coincidence.

Bastard Dad

This is a pretty much rough idea of what the series seems like in the initial chapter. Till now the series has proven to be something that is completely different than those classic thrillers. Even though you might have just started reading it, you will immediately get the idea that there’s something different going on in the story. The first chapter itself will make you go like ‘WTF just happened!’.

What strikes you immediately is the dark and gloomy environment the art and the story creates when you read it. A son accusing his father to be a serial killer is more than just an out of the box idea. And the major twist in the recently released episode revealing things about the protagonist has got me to the edge of my sit.

Bastard Art

Only a handful of chapters have been released till now, so it will be completely unfair to say anything more about it, and I don’t want to spoil the series for you guys. I just wish that after such a brilliant start, the series should consistently deliver the awesome stuff that it is delivering currently. I just don’t want it to turn out like those innumerable series who weren’t able to capitalize on the amazing start it got and went down later.

If you haven’t read Bastard yet, you can start reading it right now over at LINE Webtoons.

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