Back To The Future? We’re Almost There

It’s been 26 years since Back to the Future 2 released in the theatres. But the movie remains a fan favorite for many people, and that’s because of the timeline and some really cool concepts covered in the film, as well as the DeLorean time machine.


So the plot revolves around Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), and the movie takes place after the sudden events of the Back to the Future. Doc Brown(Christopher Lloyd) tells Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer(Elisabeth Shue), that their future son is in a serious trouble, so to save him Marty and team travel in the future to this very same day that is 21st October 2015. After saving his son Marty returns to his current time only to discover that his own life has totally transformed. In this version of his time, Marty’s father is murdered by Biff Tannen, who is now rich and Hill Valley is a complete disaster. After uncovering the secret to Biff’s success which is a sports almanac which the future Biff gave to the past Biff. Marty and Doc must go on a quest to repair the change in the space-time continuum.

VR Old School

Google Glass & Oculus Rift are kinda similar

This movie was so much loved due to the first movie explored the “Time Travel” concept so well. The future portrayed in the movie was so different than we know now which is now present for us. That’s really what the people of 80’s really thought of the future? Well, sorry Marty and Doc the future is yet too far.

One more concept in the film was the showcase of a Hoverboard, yep, you heard it correct. The Hoverboard was a big thing in the future. Well we can’t say for sure that we have an actual Hoverboard but we have seen many videos on YouTube that the Hoverboard has been accomplished, but those turned out to be fake. Then finally came Lexus which made a working prototype of the hoverboard for their ads. Well done Lexus, but there is a catch. They made an entire skate park just for that one hoverboard, which kind of works on maglev. Yep, folks the hype was for real.


Flying cars, Well not yet!

The 2015 showcased in the movie was kind of too futuristic. When I had watched the movie for the first time, I was like, wow! I can’t wait for 2015 to come. But now when we are here it kinda sucks that what we saw in the movie it’s nothing like that.

So what do you feel now that when we are in 2015 and also the same day when Marty and team came this day that is 21st October? Kinda feels like Back to the future! Right.

Back to the Future Tech


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