Atom vs Ant-Man: The Biggest Little Heroes

Size does matter, and for the superheroes we are gonna talk about they surely have utilized their versatile size pretty well. Yes people you guessed it right today we are gonna talk about DC’s Atom (not to be confused with Captain Atom) and Marvel’s Ant-Man. Both of our heroes have had a good start in live action too. With Ray Palmer aka Atom joining forces with Flash and Arrow in the hit TV series and Scott Lang with its Box Office success with Ant-Man, both surely have a promising future. Owing to the popularity of superhero stuffs and the time leap since our last comparison, I decided to give it a shot.



Many of you might not know this, but Hank Pym who was shown in the Ant-Man movie was the original Ant-Man in the later half of the 20th century. But it’s certain to give Scott Lang the credits because the action that peaks our interest happened during his era.

Developed by the iconic character of Hank Pym who was the brains behind the other important characters of the Wasp, Yellow Jacket, and even the Ultron (Yes! You heard that right Ultron was comically created by Pym rather than Stark and Banner as shown in the avengers movie) and is actioned by Scott Lang.



Ant-Man’s primary power consist of Pym particles whose source still remains unknown. They allow Lang to reduce him to a size of an ant or even enlarge him. *GEEK ALERT* This process consists of making each nucleus mass of the object in concern turn into an energy particle revolving around the nucleus. This is what unables Ant-Man to reduce or enlarge. However this doesn’t reduce his human power. A punch from miniaturized Ant-Man would still feel like a punch from a normal human being.

Other things include his Helmet which allows him to communicate with insects in the range of 1.6km radius territory. It also enables his voice to be clearly heard by other humans or heroes even when he is of the size of an ant. The insect under his control are also used as a mode of transportation sometimes. The Ant-Man gauntlets are another weapon which fires bio-electric blasts of adjustable intensity. His earlier helmet too was able to fire disruptor blasts of concussive force.

Ant-Man has long been a crucial member of the Marvel cinematic universe. He is one of the founder member of the Avengers and is still seen in almost all of the Avengers animated series and comics till now.



Now let’s talk about the DC version of our size changing hero. The Atom aka Raymond Palmer in DC’s Prime Earth has made many appearances in the successful TV series The Arrow and also in The Flash. Played by Brandon Routh, you are right to guess if you thought you’ve seen this guy somewhere in a Superman Costume. He played the Clark Kent character in the Superman Returns movie.

Now getting back to Atom. Like the Ant-Man, Ray Palmer is not the first guy to be called The Atom. It was Albert Pratt who can be seen in DC’s Earth 2. Ray Palmer and Al Pratt almost had the same abilities apart from the fact that Atom can only be seen shrinking and there’s no enlarging ability seen as such till now.




When I look back into The Atom’s comic history, it is pretty clear to me that Atom is much more powerful than what he is portrayed to be. Size alteration is surely one of the Primary ability. Being a brilliant physicist, he developed a pocket dimension where he could store most of his mass. He first used a belt to do so, then later developed gloves for swifter movements and then did his size shrinking thing mentally. He once entered Superman’s Bloodstream to rearrange the Kryptonite inside of him. On the contrary, in the incidents of the Zero Hour he can even attain bigger sizes too.

Some of his other powers too are pretty impressive. He can do mass alteration. He can change his molecular density to any extent that he desires, from 180 pounds of actual weight to subatomic one. He is one of those superheroes who has 100% control over his body. So basically he can display superhuman strength too by shifting all his mass to a punch or a kick that he lands.

Well it would be right to say he has the ability to fly owing to how he glides through air currents and stiff breezes. His favorite mode of transport is calling a phone at the intended location and shrinking and travelling there in seconds through the lines in a matter of seconds once it is answered. His weapons consisted of the Katarthans Sword which he obtained while leaving with them and the Indigo Tribe Staff during the Blackest night events which allows him to duplicate the powers of the other lantern corps.

So Who Would Win?

Marvel VS DC

Well looking at the powers and the types of fight both the heroes had in their respective past. It is really a tough call. I mean both of them have similar powers and abilities. When it comes to fist fighting both are equally good to decide a winner in any size or mass. Even when it comes to weapons, Atom has his Indigo Staff which is enough for defeating anyone, but Ant-Man too has his insects to help him in the fight. It’s really tough to decide a winner. The result would depend upon how both of them use their abilities.

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  • Kevin Reynart

    Logically, Ant-Man would win against Atom because Ant-Man has his army of ants to help him.

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