Assassination Classroom is Bloody — Wait! it isn’t

If about a week ago if you ever asked any anime fan as to which anime he /she is currently following, majority of the people would say Assassination Classroom. Such was the impact of this anime. I was one of them and after a season of it believe me it has got into my Best anime ever list.


Well surely you would agree with me when I say that there are teachers who are the reason for the good things in our life and then are teachers who made our life a living hell during our schooltime. Well whatever it might be, but each teacher gave us a vibrant shades of the Student-Teacher relationship. So Makoto Uezu brings you a story which explores the ‘ideal’ case of such a bonding with a hilarious twist in it and it’s totally awesome.

Assassination Classroom Takes Student-Teacher Relationship to Next Level

The plot follows the daily life of Class 3-E of the Kunugigaoka Junior high. Students with a mediocre academic records are transferred there. Turns out their daily life is not so ‘normal’ after all. Why? Because their teacher is an alien, bent on Earth’s destruction. With majority of the Moon already destroyed and Mission to assassinate him assigned to the End class, things turn complicated when they realize he is the best teacher they ever had and the best person they ever met.

Koro Sensei

For starters, what you won’t find here is gore, bloodshed, intense battles (well they aren’t completely absent but still) or anything of such kind. But what you will find in this series is unlimited humor, laughter (loads of it), stuffs that would make your day and things that will make you giggle all day long. The happy feeling that it gives is what got me attracted to it in the first place and it fascinates me how well it has carried it throughout the season.

Assassination Classroom

Bitch Sensei & Pervy Koro Sensei

The thing is that it’s not the usual humor you experience in your daily entertainment. It’s way exceptional. The students happily trying to assassinate their teacher, a robo-student, another teacher called as ‘Bitch Sensei’, Pervy-ness of Koro Sensei etc.

Other thing worth noticing is that it’s not only about the teacher or a particular student or a particular assassin. Each and every student’s emotions are taken into account. Each one has a particular story, a particular speciality which is explored to the fullest by their beloved alien teacher in the course of its run. And the teacher itself is shown to go to some really great lengths for getting the best out of his students.

Well I dont know if it’s a personal opinion or what but I found the the opening song of the anime quite funny. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it. But it’s just that you don’t often see all the characters doing the same dance apart from ‘Bollywood’.

The end of the season both saddened and amused me. Sad because there were no confirm news about the second season of the series. Glimpses of the alien’s past in between the series has somehow given me hopes for the next season and Earth’s life still hangs in the balance. So there are still many things to be explored and exposed.

Assassination Classroom

So overall I recommend each of you to watch the series. It’s an awesome one. One which would make your day amazing and bright. With giggles and laughs, you are surely in for a treat to experience this amazing and unique student-mentor relationship.

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