Artist Spotlight: Yvan Quinet

Yvan Quinet is a freelance illustrator based in Switzerland. His artworks are from the future. I  mean it, seriously once you gaze over his illustrations you will understand what I am trying to say. What I like about his illustrations is that there is a greater sense of originality and creativity in it, not to forget his own original characters which look totally awesome. Before you dive in, be a superhero and support him on Patreon

“It’s been a struggle to find the time to do more personal work while living off by Freelance working on top of a Full Time Job. However, with the warm support from you guys, it will give me the opportunity to work on fun personal projects, fan arts and most importantly, share my art, tutorial, and GIF process much more easily”

Yvan Quinet

Facebook | Tumblr | Society6 | DeviantArt | DrawCrowd | ArtstationVimeo
Futuristic Archer/Swordman Zombies vs Robots Wonder Woman Wolverine Unity Thing Teneb Kel Original Ninja Original Psylocke Rescue Healer Reverse Flash Spidey Superman Beyond Nightwing Mecha Superman Luffy Yvan Quinet Jedi Hunter Yvan Quinet 2 Yvan Quinet 3 Bullseye Colossus Yvan Quinet Originals Yvan Quinet X X23 Deadpool Eren Yvan Quinet Originals Batman Beyond Flash

The Unusual geek, Having a special place for Anime and Manga. Art lover and a crazy Internet Surfer.

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