Artist Spotlight: Márk Juhász

I recently got a email from Márk Juhász to feature his short film (Above). The art-style of this short is just amazing,  not just this but I checked rest of Márk Juhász’s illustrations and they are amazing, like a treat for our eyes, one thing though his style is consistent throughout the artworks.

CARL is a interesting short film by Márk Juhász. It won the Best International Student Film award at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014.

CARL Short

The plot of this Action/Romance short-film starts with the duel of Carl (Robot-Gladiator-Champion) and Space Jesus. Before the finishing blow could land, rescue comes in the form of a Techno-Angel, who turns out to be Carl’s long lost love. So he changes sides and goes head to head against Drill-Raptors, EggBeater-Scorpions and a mighty BBQ-Octopus.

CARL Short

The main driving force of the story is the strength of Love and the weakness of Hate. It also offers an opinion about religion and the robotic nature of today’s society, using references to Terminator, Spartacus, Transformers, Matrix, etc.

Meanwhile here are some of his amazing illustrations.

Carl Art Focus

Wonder Woman

Rush Movie Motion Poster




Something Sci-Fi

Man Of Steel Poster

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