Artist Spotlight: Isaiah K Stephens

Today I came across this awesome artist called Isaiah K Stephens. His artwork is just phenomenal and has a interestingly creative approach. Like he imagines many of the popular pop-culture characters in their all grown-up avatar or just for fun he dresses Disney characters with dresses from other animated universe just for pure awesomeness. Most of his artworks follow the comic book style of art but when there is need of a distinct change there is one. Lets see if you’ll can correctly guess all the references for the artwork below also make sure to follow Isaiah on Twitter & support him on Society6. For more of such awesome illustrations from Isaiah do check his DeviantArt!

_avatar_korra_by_isaiahstephens _brother_by_isaiahks _cat_naps__team_rocket_by_isaiahks _harley_quinn_and_poison_ivy_by_isaiahks _his_mother_eyes_by_isaiahks 077c3b5cbfada481ae8df58a5cf54502-d4stybl all_grown_up__pokemon_by_isaiahstephens all_grown_up__powerpuff_girls_by_isaiahstephens all_grown_up__recess_by_isaiahstephens billymandy2_by_isaiahstephens cat_naps__serena_and_luna_by_isaiahks disney_halloween__aladdin_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__beast_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__charlotte_la_bouff_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__giselle_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__jane_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__jasmine_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__kida_by_isaiahstephens disney_halloween__rapunzel_by_isaiahstephens forbbiden_by_isaiahstephens gender_bender_korra_by_isaiahstephens greenn_by_isaiahstephens james_and_lily_by_isaiahstephens joker_harley_quinn_genderbend_by_isaiahstephens looney_tunes_by_isaiahstephens re_t_by_isaiahstephens sailor_moon_tuxedo_mask_by_isaiahstephens the_addams_cousins_by_isaiahstephens

{Okay, first of all I am changing the weekly art feature section to more like a spotlight section. I mean I am a bit of running behind the schedule to continue the weekly artist feature so I am turning it into artist spotlight. If you are a artist or if you know a awesome artist which can be featured over here then please click here to know how to submit that.}

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