Are Superheroes Ruining the Entertainment Industry?

There are a lot of Superhero movies that are set to release in 2016 and surely I am among those people who is genuinely excited to check them out.

Yet it’s not just the movies Superheroes are conquering but also small screens. With The Flash, Arrow, Daredevil, Heroes: Reborn and Supergirl already on-board with many others joining them soon things get really heated as these shows no matter how they be have really good viewership.

Fantastic Four Movie

Even an average Superhero movie can make decent money at the Box Office *cough* Fantastic Four *cough*. So in the industry if something get overused it becomes a trend and everyone tries to get a piece of it. Yet I don’t think those profits will continue when there will be a surplus of Superheroes. Just see the situation SyFy TV got into, I think it really took that Sci-Fi trend seriously and I know it has a decent viewership yet I still think a diverse network would have made more bucks.

Do Superhero Movies/TV Shows Lack Diversity?

Well certainly not, but there are some factors that most movie makers consider which restrict producers from doing different things, like a vast majority of these movies are kid friendly (because market). I know with Deadpool is coming but if it fails to capture the market (because FOX) then this might scare makers from repeating it. I can’t truly say that Superhero movies don’t lack diversity but keeping that age restrictions aside makers have a canvas of infinite possibilities.

Strange Anime Series

Being a Superhero movie, makers have some creative restrictions like there always has to be a bad guy, I don’t think they can showcase something like Interstellar but there sure can be diversity. I mean have you’ll seen Samurai Flamenco — it’s an anime series which will make you go WTF!! seriously, this series showcase in one of the ways how Superheroes can empower entertainment industry.

Keep in mind though, I am not talking about all comic book adaptations because that medium is diverse and more than just Superheroes, talking of comic books I would love to see a movie based on Valiant’s Divinity Mini-Series.

So Are Superheroes Ruining the Entertainment Industry?


Official Deadpool Suit

Well, No! They aren’t, the medium is diverse and surely affects the market significantly but in a nutshell this is just a industry trend and may get replaced by something better or worse tomorrow, who knows! I am not saying that they will stop making movies & TV shows with Superheroes in it but they will surely slow down. 

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