Another Important Game Of Thrones Character Is Coming Back

Even though it was hardly surprising, everyone went crazy when Jon Snow was revived. Because Game of Thrones is famous for killing people.

While the current season is a delight already as just two episodes in and we have Tyrion making some dragon friends, Sansa meeting Brienne and ofcourse Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones

Still folks there’s more to follow. I don’t mean more people rise back from death but like real comeback.

For the entire first season, Game of Thrones played out like a typical fantasy narrative. Suddenly, this series had no main character.

Remember the youngest Stark? Yup the kid who saw something that couldn’t be unseen. Well he is coming back. In an interview with BBC Radio, Maisie Williams confirmed that Rickon Stark will be back in season six.

Most people in Westeros believed him to be killed by Theon Greyjoy along with his brother Bran, but we know Theon actually killed two other boys, not the Starks. The youngest Stark went off with his direwolf Shaggydog and the wildling Osha at the end of Season Three.

rickon stark

Rickon’s return could tie into other hints this year that the Starks may try and reclaim their place in society by destroying the Boltons in battle, but this could all be wishful thinking.

Finally good times of Starks have begun, or is it? Afterall this is GoT.

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