Annarasumanara: A Magical Journey Of Life

So one day I was just scrolling through some of the best and hot Manhwas on Webtoons. Well being a lazy guy, I was looking for something short and complete as usual. So I bumped into this odd sounding series in the list. It suited my profile and well it was my luck shining bright.

For starters, the plot follows the story of Yun Ai and Na Ildeung who are top notch in studies and are quiet the sincere type. But beyond school, both have a whole different lifestyle. Each of them suffering in their very own way. But things take a twist when they are introduced to a person who claims to be a real magician.

And the answer to queries regarding the title, the word ‘Annarasumanara’ is used the way we used Abra-Cadabra when we were little to enact a magic trick.


Yun Ai

Firstly, Yun Ai even though she is a scholar at school, has a very different life when it comes to her beyond the walls life. Abandoned by her parent at an early age, a little sister to feed and a debt to pay, it almost seems that heaven had some grudge on her story.

Na Ildeung

Na Ildeung

Then there’s Na Ildeung, who has the total opposite luck. His family is reach, who provide in everything and just want one thing in return ie. for him to top every academic exam and do as they say. They even built him an entire road between school and home to avoid any distractions. But such things are bound to change.

Annarasumanara Magic

The Magician

Then there’s The Magician or the person who claims to be one. He lives in an abandoned circus and his mystic identity is what makes him look creepy to the outside world. Well I won’t say anything more about him because that would be a kinda spoiler for you guys and I don’t want to do that, at least for this one.

Do you believe in magic?

Well the character of the magician is just an amazing one. The transformation that he brings about in the lives of people who have totally opposite lifestyle is worth noticing. Especially in the case of Yun Ai where he brings out her very special childhood desire and compels her to pursue it. It’s amazing how some simple tricks of magic can do wonders.


Well on the first look, the Manhwa is dark and gloomy, I will give that to you. But don’t judge it by that. The plot and the gloomy art of the Manhwa goes hand in hand to give us an amazing experience. The Manhwa successfully weaves it magic once you go for it.

The way the plot progresses, which is amazing, it makes you stick with it till the very end. Some of the tricks the magician pulls off and the timing of those tricks and the emotions they give out soothes your heart to the very core. And the ending is what the best and the worst thing the series has to offer to you, which makes it more brilliant in its own way.

Now talking about the art, as I said earlier its monochromatic, dark and gloomy, only a few things in color. But I must say that those in colors are astonishing and bring out the best of feels the scene has to offer. The details, the amazing brushwork and the beauty of it on the whole is totally awesome. The emotions shown by the character is spot on.

Annarasumanara Cover

Well the Manhwa totally justifies Pablo Picasso’s quote “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. Well it would be kinda confusing to relate this quote with the above stuffs about the series. But you will understand it once you reach the end. And I am sure you will enjoy the magic as I did.

So all together the Manhwa is a must read kind. It has amazing things to offer and even some life lessons to be learnt from it.

If you haven’t read Annarasumanara yet, you can start reading it right now over at LINE Webtoons

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