Why Are Most Anime Shows Set In High School?

If you’ve ever seen an anime show then it was probably set in High School. Apparently a good chunk of anime shows are actually based in High School. Why? you ask, Well that is something that cannot be answered clearly but there are few theories why this actually happens.

Target Audience

Daily Lives of High School Boys

No matter what you think, anime is made for kids and teens in mind. Majority of these teens have nothing great happening with them rather than their high school life. This enables these teens to relate with something. Sometimes this even helps them to visualize them being in the shoes of the anime character.



Creating a show that’s more inclined towards teens will also help them drive more sales. Hold on! aren’t adults the one with loads of cash. Well that might be true but adults have a lot of expenses to worry about, teens on the other hand have very little to none expenses, so they probably can spend that money on anime related stuff.



Anime shows are made with Japanese audience in mind and no matter what you think the Japanese culture has a lot of influence on these show. In the Japanese society High School is considered to be one of the most important part of a person’s life. The thing is, a working adult or someone popularly called as a “Salary Man” struggles to maintain a work/life balance. Even the everyday lives are filled with so much chaos that making an anime on them could be boring. Although they can’t experiment with some types of places like a Restaurant (Working!!!) but producers usually avoid such stories.

Source Material

Kids on the Slope Friendship

I kinda feel that setting a story in high school gives the writers a easy way to introduce new characters and have interaction between them. I know this is lazy but this is how it is. Plus high school is the coming of age period so a lot of scenarios could be readily be available to the writer without scratching his head much.

I feel that most of these shows follow “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” attitude. Although I appreciate some anime shows which go beyond their comfort zone and cover some deeper themes, I really don’t understand why they can’t step out of their bounds and make more shows out of high school.

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