5 Best Anime Series From Summer 2014

I think summer has some of the best shows every year followed by ones in winter. For those who don’t know new anime series release every year based on the seasons, namely winter, spring, summer and fall. This season there are few awesome shows which I think you should check out. Let me tell you tell you that this list will be only covering fresh shows so that second season of SAO, Re: Hamatora or Sailor Moon will not make it to the list. Having said that lets look at some of the best anime series from summer 2014.



A sweet tale of a young man who shifts from a big city to a small village. As you can expect he clearly has problems adjusting but the tale isn’t about that. For starters he is a calligraphy artist and has a absurd personality. This shows showcases joy in small things and being yourself. A sweet show which I guess everyone would enjoy.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

This is Romantic Comedy about a girl who falls in love with a man who happens to be a shoujo mangaka so he thinks of that girl as his fan and appoints her to assist him with his artwork. Rather than saying that this show is romantic I can say that it is quite funny from most parts. Give it a try.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Monster

Ghouls are not humans they quench their hunger by eating humans. Somehow an ordinary college student named Kaneki becomes one of the few hybrid Ghouls who are less humans and more ghouls. Hybrid ones are apparently more powerful than any normal ghouls. The suspense horror/dark fantasy story is bloody awesome and a sureshot anime to watch this season.

Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no Terror

This show is interesting. It has the awesome them which was also behind gems like Cowboy Bebop and I donno why but this show has the feel of Death Note. The story starts off with these two boys who don’t even know each others names and they are doing some serious terrorist activities like bombing and stealing plutonium but for some reason they don’t harm people and before every attack they set a riddle for the police to search the bomb. I think this show is a clear winner and has some high budgets so far. Hope it doesn’t ruin the awesomeness. Just watch this show its totally awesome.

Akame ga Kill!

akame ga kill anime

Death, tragedy, blood, pain, misery, despair & corruption are the focus of this show but this show is just funny as hell being dark themed. The show is surrounded around Tatsumi who sets out to the capital to earn some money but soon finds out how corrupt the world outside his village is, latter on Tatsumi joins forces with the assassins group  Night Raid which is dedicated to remove corruption the capital and go against the Prime Minister who basically controls the Emperor. You can expect gore clash with moe/cutest scenes. Hope they don’t go off the path with this one as the show is going pretty steady till now.

Anyways what are you watching this season?

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