Anime Powers You Wish You Had In Your Daily Lives

Well if you have come here to read about sharingans, bankai and all turn back now. Come on now lets be realistic guys, those are all fantasies. Daily life abilities and powers of many famous anime have been overshadowed due to this. So I decided to put up a list of anime powers and abilities that would really be helpful in our daily lives. My list here is based on practicality, realisticity, their representation and their applications in daily lives. So here we go

Future Diary

Mirai Nikki

Anime: Mirai Nikki

Well who would not like to have this sort of power, the ability to look into the future and alter your present actions so that you can make all things work your way. Well that’s the power the protagonist of this anime Amano Yukiteru has, a future diary. The diary only shows the future of the user and of no one else.The anime surely has some amazing twists and turns. With different future diary users and the unorthodox chemistry of Amano Yukiteru and Gasai Yuno the plot turns really interesting as it progresses further. So with such amazing plots and characters this anime has been a fan favourite for quite some time now. Overall, anyone would like to have such kind of power in their daily life. Well who doesn’t want to see their future and make life happy, right?

Mind Reading Ability


Anime: Kotoura-san

Don’t you ever feel that if only I could read the mind of the people in concern, know what they actually feel and what they actually want to say? It would be awesome if you can do that. Well the protagonist of this anime possesses that very power. Kotoura-san the protagonist here has the ability to read the minds of people around her. With great power comes great consequences and thats what happens in the plot initially. She has a very harsh experience due to the power she possesses starting from her childhood. With such an experience, this innocent character becomes an outcast and tries to stay the same. But as the plot progresses she finds her rightful place with Manabe Yoshihisa and other people of like minded interests and who are ready to accept her. Such an ability would surely solve many situations in our day to day life and would even solve the legendary questions of all “What women actually want?”

Body Switch

Kokoro Connect

Anime: Kokoro connect

You might surely think that this is one absurd ability to have in our daily lives. Hell yeah its absurd, but wouldn’t it be fun to mess around with others by switching bodies with someone who is a mutual friend or something like that. The anime series Kokoro connect depicts the same. The plot is high school type where a group of friends accidently start to switch bodies with each other. Initially its a new kind of amusement to them, but the merry go round has to come to an end. Further they start to explore the painful things in their opposite ones life which brings unwanted trouble causing rifts between them and eventually leading changes in relationships between them. Well why would I want to have this ability in my daily life? Just to screw around with people, thats all.

Deductive Reasoning


Anime: The file of young Kindaichi/ Hyouka/ Sherlock (manga adaption)

Deductions, a whole different level of human intellect. The ability to deduce all possible outcomes of a situation, deduce characteristics and habits of a person just by looking at him/ her. Sounds pretty awesome right? It surely is. Represented by some of the most famed protagonist in the anime world by Sherlock (of course), Hajime Kindaichi and Oreki Houtarou. While the legendary Sherlock holmes being a consulting detective, the file of young Kindaichi showcases Hajime Kindaichi in a role where he helps the police in solving criminal cases and luckily or unluckily seems to find himself in the same sort of situation wherever he goes. While Oreki Houtarou in Hyouka is a laid back type character who doesn’t want to waste his ENERGY for things that don’t interest him but has superb deductive skills which are awakened forcefully when the female protagonist Chitanda-Eru comes around. Her super ability being curiosity. So well there is no need for further explanation. This ability is the coolest in the list and something to brag about. So it gets a spot on my list. Well who wouldn’t like to be called a genius???



Anime: Akira

Well surely you would like to reach the TV remote on the table without getting out of the sofa, if you are a lazy person as I am. Surely telekinesis would solve that. Although there might be many other anime series representing the same but for me this ability was brilliantly showcased by Tetsuo Shima in the anime, Akira. Well I would rather recommend you to read the manga than watch the anime adaption. The series depicts to start in the future Neo-Tokyo post world war III where some kids are experimented as a part of some government program granting them superhuman psychic abilities. The plot revolves around such an experimented character named Akira who sets out to destroy the society who once used to call him weak and the efforts of another experimented character, the protagonist Tetsuo Shima to stop him. The series is one of the most talked about topics in the anime world since its release in 1982 and gained popularity worldwide. And well telekinesis? Umm…why not, sure. Now just pass on the TV remote please.

Honorable Mention: Super Saiyan

Anime: Dragon Ball Series

Don’t you dare tell me that you never gave your energy to Goku when he asked for your help while making the spirit bomb or never tried to scream loudly till you become a super saiyan. Dragon Ball Z needs no introduction here. Its one of the most legendary anime ever to be made. With characters reaching new heights of powers as the plot progresses and the breathtaking fights etc overall makes it totally awesome. Why would I want it in my daily life? Because i want to be a super saiyan thats all.

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