5 Of The Best Animated Series From The DC Universe

One of the key things DC does best beyond it’s comics in the entertainment industry is its Animated features. Even Marvel can’t beat DC in this game. Over the years DC Universe has produced some of the finest animated series and movies based upon its vast comic book portfolio. Although right now many live-action adaptations are planned like The Flash, Constantine and soon more which are about to hit the sets sooner or later. Some shows like Arrow are already doing well and with that DC’s awesome portfolio of animated shows truly deserves attention. So here are 5 of the best animated series from the DC universe which are absolutely worth watching.

Static Shock


Static Shock is one of the lesser known comic series as well as the TV series was not that popular but with its teen focussed plot and rather a humorous to the show captures every viewers and keep them glued. Not to forget the awesome animation style from the house DC which is constant in almost every show.

Batman Beyond


This was one of my favourite series after Justice League Unlimited, also known as Batman of the Future. This show showcased Batman in the futuristic city of Gotham where Bruce Wayne is old enough to recruit young Terry McGinnis as the new Futuristic Batman. This show gives you the unusual look at Batman with less Dark legacy of Batman. Unfortunately this show was cancelled after three seasons. Still this show is quite awesome.

Justice League Unlimited


The best series from the house of DC, produced by Warner Bros Animation. This show has got all the chills and thrills one would expect. I just can’t forget how back in the days I used to watch every episode of this show after I used to come home from school. This show focuses on the key founders of the Justice League but the entire (Okay not all but the major characters from) DC Superhero Universe make their appearance. Every arc of the series is like a movie itself and trust me its awesome.

Teen Titans


Teen Titans centers around five members of the superhero team they are Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven & Robin. The show is funny and takes interesting approach. To be honest I haven’t read the comic but the show is awesome so are its villains. One this about this show is that the heros always stay in their attire so their real identity is never discussed in the show. There are about 65 episodes with one online special and the show is succeeded by Teen Titans Go! which is completely a comedy show.

Superman: The Animated Series

Superman The Animated Series

I just love Superman so how can I miss this one. Superman: The Animated Series is widely regarded as one of the finest and most faithful adaptations of the character ever. The story arcs in the series are just fabulous for those who haven’t read the comics and have just watched a few Superman movies, this might change your thoughts about Superman as the Villains Superman fights are equally awesome. This show takes a bit of a adult oriented approach so you might like it.

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