An Amazing Anime About Life Experiences And ‘Ping Pong’

Being a sports lover and most importantly a table tennis aka Ping Pong enthusiast, I solemnly wished to find something in manga or anime related to ping pong. It makes sense right? I mean this sport is dominated by asian countries since God knows how many years and also Asian countries are the heart and brain of the anime and manga world.

So there’s ought to be something, don’t you think. And to my surprise I found out this anime. And after watching a few episodes of it, it never failed to blow my mind in each. And this anime being of my favorite sport I just never wanted the story to end (It might seem that I am amplifying the topic way too much, but damn this excitement).The anime took my interest in ping pong to an altogether different level. I would never get bored to watch it again and again because almost everything about this anime is just astonishingly amazing.

Now lets start with the plot first. This series is about two childhood friends Peco and Smile who have been playing together since a long time and plan to do the same as they enter Katase High school. But their views and lives change when they meet certain people and compete in the regional qualifying tournament. It would be rather inappropriate to make them sound as the protagonist because the other characters in the series are even showcased equally and given proportionate screen time which makes them- personalities to remember. Like Kazama, the wanderer, butterfly Jo, Old lady,

ping pong feels

The plot might seem as a usual sport anime types, but its not. Its pure amazing. And let me tell you something, its a sport anime which isn’t about the sport at all. The technicality of the sport is seldom discussed. Such scenes last only couple of seconds or so in each episode which makes it a class apart from the other sport anime series. The anime is totally filled with emotions, feelings and one’s sentiment about the game. It’s a rollercoaster ride you can say.

The Hero appears! The Hero appears! The Hero appears!

The character progression is just brilliantly done. According to me Smile’s was a noticeable one. What truly makes this anime series a superhit is the amazing backstories of many characters in the series which helps the series come together at the very end. The anime is totally a work of art. And it’s kinda puzzle which beautifully comes together in the end.

ping pong

And now lets talk about the music. All the tunes, or start-up song or anything musical in the series is just amazing. They play a major part in making the viewers feel the intensity and what the scenes really had to convey in an astonishing manner. After watching the series, remembering the start-up song really makes me nostalgic. It’s like somehow you get attached to the series and you never want it to end.

Ping Pong Art

The art is like a miss or hit types. I don’t actually know whether the people behind the series wanted to give away a watercolor type experience or had a budget crunch. But anyhow, its one of the reason which made me totally fall in love with the series. Its something different in the sea of perfect animations that you usually see. Some people criticize it, some like it. But it totally depends upon one’s view about animations. I would like to add that if you don’t like the animation try not to focus on it and just enjoy what the series has in store for you.

Ping Pong Conclusion

So altogether the series is a magical experience, one which I would like every anime fan could witness. The feels, emotions, progression everything is amazing. And after such an experience this anime has become one of my favorites and i don’t know if there would be any equivalent anime ahead soon. I just highly recommend you guys to watch the anime.

So have you watched Ping Pong? Did you like it?

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