This Fan Comic Illustrates The Joyous Adventures Of Batgirl & Supergirl

Mike Maihack has depicted something that I hope CW will show sometime in the future. It is the uncanny relationship between Batgirl & Supergirl. Although it isn’t like the usual thing the duo would do and that is just what makes this comic amazing. Whenever I come across any Batman X Superman comic or fanart, Batman most of the times, gets away with just one thing Kryptonite. I am not saying those comics or fanarts are stupid but they never do anything creative or out of the box. This comic does, although it has Batgirl instead of Batman and Supergirl instead of Superman.

The strips are unfailingly charming and delightful, and the clash between Batgirl’s understandable grumpiness and Supergirl’s relentless cheer makes for some classic comedy.

Mike Maihack

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