8-Bit Art By Alex Griendling Brings Pop Culture To Life

Alex Griendling is a freelance designer and illustrator living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has worked with some big names in the industry like Google, YouTube, Dolby Labs, Facebook, Gearbox Software, and many more, but that’s what I am here to showcase. Recently while stumbling across the internet I found his blog where he share some of his artworks and I was blown away by his work. So I selected few of his 8-bit illustrations to feature but he even does other kind of artwork and for that you’ll should really check him out on the links below. Coming back to these 8-bit illustrations, he has some some cool 8-bit gifs of popular characters like Deadpool, Bobafett, Mario, Link and many more. Scroll below and be blow away.

Alex Griendling

Twitter | Dribbble | Tumblr | LinkedIn | Website | Lunar Saloon

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The Unusual geek, Having a special place for Anime and Manga. Art lover and a crazy Internet Surfer.

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