7 Weird Interstellar Plot Holes

Interstellar is one of the best science fiction films I have watched in recent years. Following a successful run of Memento, The Prestige, Inception and Dark Knight Christopher Nolan’s latest is arguably his most ambitious project.

Interstellar follows humanity’s last effort to ditch Earth and find a new habitable planet, as Earth is devastated by environmental crisis.

Although it is a wildly ambitious and gorgeous film, there are some notable plot holes, I won’t mention all of them but only ones which I found most weird.


Interstellar Food Shortage

At the very beginning they have showcased humans on Earth facing with food shortage, although I have no problem with that idea but looking at the rate of their scientific development and presumably understanding that the story is portrayed bit ahead in the future like in 2025 or so, So couldn’t they survive on Artificial food, the the ones created in labs, I am also intrigued by the idea of a world without military, how can it possibly survive.

Interstellar Tars

Instead of sending people, they could have easily send robots in the first place, during that project to check the habitable planets. They would obviously require nothing like food or water or oxygen and will also report to Earth as truly as possible.


Cooper lives just a few hours of drive away and yet NASA doesn’t contact him before. One more thing is that, if THEY could open up a wormhole, then why can’t one open up near Earth instead of Saturn.

MANN's Planet

The most weirdest part of the movie was Dr. Mann, like he could easily say that he sent those signals by mistake and go with Team Cooper, without getting into a stupid mess.

Gravity Equation

We humans are apparently the only intelligent living form present in the universe or in the current time and space. ‘THEY’ are usually humans evolved, who have way better technology and understanding of 5D universe but even after that if aliens/future humans wanted to save us, couldn’t they have simply given the professor the secret equation?

Not A Good Planet

They find a planet near a black-hole, which is the first thing about that planet of not being safe, as it can be sucked in anytime. Next its a planet with nothing but water, can’t they scan that, or see that before landing on that planet also one does not travel near a black hole unless or until he is faster than the speed of light.


At the end of the movie, Cooper is 124 years old in Earth-time. The entire movie hinges on Coop’s mandate to get back to his daughter. And when he does, they basically spend two minutes and go to see Brand, wouldn’t she have also aged several decades by the time Cooper reaches her?

Okay, even if this film has few flaws, in no way is this movie bad, It showcases some of the amazing concepts of science visually for the first time in motion and even gets them right for most parts. Basically at the end of the day Interstellar is still a science-fiction movie.

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  • Rodrigo Horta

    My 2 cents.

    Interstellar Food Shortage
    — I understand what you’re saying. I mean, food was not a problem in “The Matrix”, was it? But I got the point inside this movie. If they try to explain too much, the movie would have 3 hours plus. Maybe humans could solve the food problem, but the plague was turning the atmosphere saturated with nitrogen. That was the main problem, in my understanding.

    — Good point.

    NASA without pilot
    — That was funny too. I guess NASA was in panic and not thinking rightly.

    MANN’s Planet
    — The guy gets crazy. Have you ever had to deal with someone who got crazy? Not a nice thing, they have trouble to think logically, they don’t listen very well and they are quite paranoic.

    Gravity Equation
    — Maybe that is important to evolution of the human being. Pass through all that is a learning experience. Humans have to understand and grow up to put it into pratice. To simply get a formula is like cheating in a test. ‘They’ already putted someone as close as possible to a black hole to transmit quantum data! Is not that enough?

    Not A Good Planet
    — Agree.

    Grand Brand
    — Brand also gets close to the black hole, so she also suffered the effects of the time distortion. Maybe not as bad as Cooper – who also gets in that Tesseract – but she could sleep for decades to slow down her ageing. Remember when she asked Rommily why he didn’t slept for the 23 years? Dr. Mann slept for about 30 years. Does he looked like he was 60+ years old? Nope. So the “criogenic sleep” slows the ageing in effective way.

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