7 Things You Didn’t Knew About The Sony PlayStation

Sony just recently celebrated 20th anniversary of PlayStation, and it really did changed the way we look at gaming consoles.  Over past few decades gaming has placed itself from a mere pastime to a major pop culture phenomenon.

December 4, 1994 was the release of the original Sony PlayStation

By targeting a slightly older audience rather than just kids Sony had just taken some risky steps but the efforts did paid off.

Over the last 20 years, the PlayStation has evolved to the finest extent, not just in terms of hardware but also in terms of games library.

Nintendo PlayStation

Damn Mario

Sony never had plans to enter the console business. They started off as a sound chip manufacturer for Nintendo but in 1988 Sony thought it would be cool to add CD extension to Nintendo’s console but it didn’t went well as Nintendo at very last moment decided to partner with Phillips but that didn’t went well either as Nintendo’s partnership with Philips was a disaster and as a result of which Nintendo took over a decade to switch to optical media.



After the breakup with Nintendo, Sony went to the next defector game giant SEGA. Sony basically wanted CD to be medium in game consoles but SEGA decided to go on their own and release the CD based console themselves so at that point PlayStation was born. Interestingly at that time during E3 Sony defeated SEGA because their console was a $100 cheaper. I guess Microsoft didn’t took notes.

Button’s On PlayStation Controller Actually Mean Things

PS Controller

PlayStation designer had designer the controller based upon the character actions like, that X key was for yes, O was no, Square for menu and Triangle for player’s viewpoint.

PlayStation Sold 100 Million Units

PS One

No console has ever came close to selling as many units as the PlayStation during the time it was first released the only console to beat the original PlayStation was the PlayStation 2 which sold over 155 million units worldwide.

PlayStation CD’s were Black

Black CD

Folks over at Sony kept the PlayStation CD’s black because it looked cool. Although many speculated that it was some kind of a copyright protection but it wasn’t.

Gran Turismo

gran turismo

Gran Turismo is the Best Selling PlayStation game ever. Selling over 10 million units. Gran Turismo was developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 1997 for the original PlayStation console. Research indicated that people were more likely to buy a car they raced in that game.

PS3 was sold at a Loss


The first PS3 not the slimmer variants costed Sony $805.85 to make but Sony sold it for $499. This contributed to $3.5 Billion in losses for Sony during the financial year 2007-2008.

Looking at the growth of PlayStation and fall of their other entertainment offerings Sony is now giving PlayStation top priority.

Let’s see what holds for PlayStation in the future.

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