7 Good But Underrated Movies of 2014

Its not always easy for every movie to do great in theatres, movies like Transformers and Interstellar do great but movies like Edge Of Tomorrow perform terribly. It’s not like they are bad, they are just heavily underrated. So I took the liberty of listing some of the most underrated movies of 2014.

Edge Of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat)

This movie could easily grab the top spot in ‘one of the best movies of 2014’ but it didn’t. It had the most unique time reset premise. The amount of Sci-Fi Action was also great. FYI the title of the movie was changed to Live Die Repeat for the home release.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure is about a Swedish family’s trip to the French Alps, where an avalanche sets their live in an emotional attack. The film is amazingly constructed with right sense of humor and thrill. An intelligent psychodrama.

The Rover

A film which explores some interesting themes, a world where there is no governing authority and survival is the only key to life. Its an distinct take on post-apocalyptic future and the cinematography is just amazing.

The Babadook

For me this was one of the best horror movies of the year. Trust me you would avoid watching this movie twice, just because it is that scary. There is some serious character development involved here which would keep you thinking about for days, might also give you nightmares.

The Boxtrolls

To the level which Frozen was overrated just to that level inversely overrated movie was The Boxtrolls. This film was probably well known till a point but was easily misunderstood thanks to that title. The plot is straightforward family entertainer and a sweet delight with it’s beautiful animation.

The One I Love

The title can be misleading as this movie is more than just a Romance Drama, it has a Sci-Fi twist to it. The visual effects are amazing. Its one of those films which leaves you with a carving for more, say with a desire to know ‘What happened after that?’

Only Lovers Left Alive

Usually when we talk about vampires in movies we tend to think more about powerful bloody action or some crappy wooden love stories like Twilight. Nevertheless Only Lovers Left Alive is a Vampire flick but minus blood and gore. It’s a logical and artistic approach of how would be the life of vampires when they coexist with humans for centuries.

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