7 Games that Changed First Person Shooters Forever

Wait! Aren’t all First Person Shooters games about randomly killing, how can they differ or innovate except from the graphics perspective?

Well, that might might be the case but First Person Shooters are way beyond just randomly killing people. Every game tries to standout in it’s gameplay mechanism, the multiplayer experience and the sheer environment.

First Person Shooters as a genre is not going away anytime soon.

Shooters are in business for a long time, ever since Wolfenstein 3D first popularized genre way back in 1992. They continue to evolve and remain relevant longer than nearly any other video game genre.

Still it didn’t all happen overnight, games came and went but a select few innovated in ways which changed the First Person Shooters genre forever.

Here are some of those which I think managed to differ from the crowd in their time.



The name Doom is well known in the first-person shooter world. Some might even call it the Godfather. Where previous FPS games had been built on simple grid-layout maps, Doom introduced a mega world which featured a vertical navigation and that wasn’t it, there were so many amazing mods plus it even introduced network gaming in the genre. There’s a reason why Doom is available on nearly every gaming platform in existence.



This game made it all look beautiful, when the first screenshot of game was released in 1997 people couldn’t believe that. Many were even skeptical until they got their hands on this game, but once they laid their eyes on it they couldn’t take them off. The art style was both exotic and futuristic, and the shooting mechanics were rock-solid. And yes it’s the game that brought us ‘Boom, Headshot!’


half life

Before Half-Life games innovated but they were basically reckless shooters but as Half-Life came into the market things changed. Enters Storytelling in FPS. Using scripted events, Half-Life gives us the impression that this isn’t a world that exists solely to give Gordon Freeman something to shoot at.

Counter Strike Series


Another amazing game by Valve. Counter Strike changed the way we played games online or on a network. The game still is popular, and people just immensely play it with teamwork, planning, and quick thinking. This game brought many real-world elements in the game. Even today if you enter any gaming cafe, you either see people playing Dota or Counter Strike atleast majority of them.

Halo: Combat Evolved


Halo surely was the most dramatic FPS game after the release of Half-Life but there was something that made it more amazing. Halo: Combat Evolved arrived on both PC and Xbox but the Xbox version almost lacked Multiplayer mode. Everyone thought this could the biggest mistake by the developer but what came out afterwards changed the way we play First Person Shooters on consoles. Halo’s console-friendly controls changed everything in single-player, but it had an even larger effect in multiplayer.

Call Of Duty


Call of Duty reinvented the genre through its introduction of in-squad warfare, surrounding you with actual teammates instead of forcing you to go at it alone. The series also sells off million of copies every year.



Years back if your PC could run Crysis smoothly at max settings then you had a supercomputer. Seriously various benchmarking sites used Crysis as a standard for their tests. The plot wasn’t anything to talk about but the way this game looked made everyone go berserk. With its adaptable on-the-fly nanosuit, destructible sandbox environments, and dynamic artificial intelligence, it was a gamer’s wet dream.

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