7 Of The Best New TV Series Of 2015, Just Watch These Shows!

TV is such a medium where many things can be conveyed via its rich storytelling, stellar cast and the plot development with the number of episodes, unlike movies where there are three acts of the plot, which sometimes fail to deliver the message, which is accomplished by TV series. So before the year ends let’s see the best series which aired its first season this year. Let’s get straight to it.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Feat

IMDb Rating: 8.5

As you may have read our previous article on Jessica Jones, if you haven’t check it out here. The series is another breath of fresh air from Netflix after DareDevil, The plot revolves around Jessica Jones an alcoholic trying to survive in New York city working as a Private Investigator, but not only this she is also a superhero, and due to her powers she has had a horrible past. Talking of the villain, Kilgrave, this is one villain which you would absolutely love to watch. We have had only the first season yet and more is yet to come further from Netflix.


Daredevil Cover

IMDb Rating: 8.8

Daredevil is one show which we never hoped would come on TV. After the critical movie failure of the franchise, Netflix put all its effort to put forward the amazing story of Matt Murdock, and his life in Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil surprisingly rose to fame after the positive feedback from fans. After many years fans got to see what a true villain is, which was Kingpin, Netflix has really got the formula to portray a perfect villain in both its shows. This show actually looks very real unlike a comic book story, that’s why this show is on this list.

Mr. Robot

Mr Robot Society

IMDb Rating: 8.9

Many people have heard of this series. This is one series which came out of nowhere and blew our minds with it’s amazing story. Well many people said that this show was meant for a technical audience which understands programming and related topics. But it’s not just the programming but the concept, the ideology of the characters and the psychological aspect as well. This is one of our most loved shows of this year.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

IMDb Rating: 8.9

Better Call Saul is the prequel to the very famous show Breaking Bad, which has completed its season 1 and will be getting a season 2 pretty soon. This show has the same aftertaste of the Breaking Bad, and most of the villains are also been picked from the BB. If you are a true fan of Breaking Bad you will truly love this show.



IMDb Rating: 8.3

Bloodline is another dark drama from Netflix, This is one series where the story is extremely well thought and executed. The background is that even good people can do very bad things. The characters too are very complex, each backdrops are very beautiful. Just check out these series. The series is from Netflix so be assured to be amazed.

Ash vs Evil Dead


IMDb Rating: 9.0

For those who love the horror-comedy genre this series is a must watch. Ash is back to take on the evil with his shotgun and a chainsaw attached to his hand. The series offers some old school horror and lots of humor. The premise is quite simple, the evil follows wherever Ash goes. The visual effects are also quite good for a TV show. This is a must try.



IMDb Rating: 8.0

Limitless is the spinoff series to the movie by the same name. the events take place where the movie left off. The premise is based on Brian Finch, who gets introduced to the drug NZT-48, which gives him access to every neuron in his brain, and he becomes the smartest person for 12 hours. The series is actually fun to watch, and doesn’t hesitate to take risks. It actually works as a spinoff to the movie where many have failed. The characters too feel quite real and relatable. You should check this series out.

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