7 Of Awesome TV Shows You Should Have Watched

Its a good time now, when another bloody season of Game Of Thrones has ended, your mind might be in a void to fill that up here are some amazing TV shows which every geek would’ve watched atleast once.


Dexter Morgan

This show is awesome, I mean from the story to the cast all works out really well. For starters its a show about a psycho killer, Dexter who kills criminals for his own thirst. The good thing is that he is not portrayed as a monster but a normal human. Amazingly he’s a blood-spatter analyst by day and serial killer by night. The series just ended last year and is overall a good series to watch and kill time. It’s very compelling, smart, funny and just an overall great show with so much to offer!



Based on the comic book character, The Green Arrow, this a interesting show. This show has just a hell lot of references from the DC universe. This series is more like Batman meets Hawkeye meets Punisher. For starters the show is very intense, showcasing a billionaire boy Oliver Queen who disappears for five years and then suddenly reappears with a bow and a arrow. His father, who passed on the adventure, admitted his sins and made Oliver pledge to attempt to bring down the criminals that harasses Starling City, this show features a lot of night adventure fighting crime along with few allies and many enemies.

Doctor Who


Doctor Who, well this show is fabulous. I can say that this show is the prophet of Sci-Fi shows. Basically it features a guy called Doctor who is a Time Lord, who ventures in the universe in different times along with his female companion and comply various adventures.

The IT Crowd


This show is funny as well as geeky. It portrays the current generation geeks who are so obsessed with everything Geeky that they miserably or over here humorously stumble in the real world. That was the shortest description that I could give about this series but yeah this series is a much watch.

Star Trek


Star Trek, Enough said. Building on the great aspirations of Star Trek franchise, this show Next Generation took the franchise to next level, which feature humans voyaging in deep space fighting aliens and sacrificing their lives.

Walking Dead


This show is simple, Zombie killing with some drama sprinkled off. Unlike zombie franchises this one still continues to live on and has a unique blend of story attached to that bloody zombie slaying.

Breaking Bad


Thinking of watching a dark twisted show, you must consider this one. It features a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer due to some circumstances. Although in the start the show feels boring this thing rocks as the show progresses. The how already end with four seasons and l e admit that this is worth your time.

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