7 Anime Series To Watch After One Punch Man

One Punch Man is the hottest anime series of the year, unfortunately the first season just ended yesterday. I know this series will get another season because it will but till then people surely need something to cure their One Punch Man hangover. Probably another anime series to fill that void?

Well here are some of anime series which you’ll should watch after watching One Punch Man if you’ll haven’t. Let me get this straight though, that they are not like One Punch Man, I mean it was one of a kind but beyond that these shows share similar themes, or even atmosphere. So here are some of them.

Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco

After watching this anime you will jump off your chair, I mean it is literally that terrifying. I don’t know if terrifying is the correct word to explain this series but it is that awesome. I think when they were writing the series they were high, because at one moment this happens and in another moment that it just makes you feel amused. Oh yeah this series is freaking hilarious for obvious reasons, you’ll should give it a shot. I just can’t say anything more about this anime because everything beyond this will be spoiler.

Astro Fighter Sunred

Anime like One Punch Man

I guess this is the most similar Anime to One Punch Man as even here there is a super powerful hero who now is bored and lives a low key life. I think the showcase of hero is quite realistic where he is unemployed, and lives by the grace of his girlfriend because c’mon.

Assassination Classroom


A octopus like creature who can’t be be defeated but instead of spreading fear and anger, teaches a class full of misfits who are weaker academically. The ridiculousness of series is what makes it interesting. The class he teaches is actively being trained to assassinate Koro-sensei (that octopus like creature). Over the course of series these class learns that Koro-sensei is actually the best teacher they ever had.



What if the most notorious and powerful guy in town accidentally became the guardian of demon’s child. Well first things first that guy will be hard to fight with and it is actually that way. Unlike the conventional route the series focus on the like of Oga (that guy) as he take cares of Beru (Demon’s child). As the series progresses it gets violent but the amount of humor never decreases.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Devil King Sadao is only one step away from conquering the world when he is beaten by Hero Emilia and forced to drift to the other world, modern-day Tokyo. Now in Tokyo King Sadao is hit by hard fact that is — he must work to pay for his living expenses! That surely isn’t easy for the person whose resume screams “Conquerer of the World.” The series showcases how Sadao stumbles through various situations. Don’t worry by the end of this series you will again start craving for more.



Do I really need to tell you why this series is on this list? I mean you must be living under a rock to not know about Gintama or probably something else. This is the series you’ll probably shouldn’t miss. The premise of the series doesn’t even matter because anything thing can happen in Gintama. The series focuses on the life of three individuals who are self-employed in an odd jobs shop called Yoruzuya Gin-chan, which offers to do almost anything for a price, from finding lost kittens to saving the world. Unfortunately, the jobs rarely go as planned, or pay enough to cover the pain and suffering the employees encounter—never mind their rent.



Now this is a odd one in the list, for the fact that it is for most parts quite different from the rest in the list. The series is based around a girl named Koutarou-san who can read people’s minds but because of this ability she can’t maintain relationships with people. She moves to a new high school but tries to keep away from her classmates. Manabe Yoshihisa, one of her classmates, accepts and appreciates her ability and so begins their humorous journey. It is quite pleasant to watch this series, with good character development and vivid themes.

Hold on, I know what you are thinking, Why isn’t Dragon Ball on this list? Well because I think that series is quite popular and anyone can guess it.

Beyond those if you really want to fill the void created by One Punch Man, just read the Manga. Anime did a good job of adapting Manga so you won’t feel out of place.

Any other shows you’ll would like to suggest? Comment them below!

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