5 Traits Which Makes One Like James Bond

Created by a novelist named Ian Fleming in the year 1953, James Bond has been one of the most popular fictional character amongst the people. Over the years the character has never failed to amaze the audience. The stunning persona has made the character being worshipped and idolized by people all over the world.

Having the best in the business personality is not easy at all and considering the fact that the same has been maintained by the franchise over the years earns it every bit of salutation. So here are some of the Bond-traits that make him best.

Irreproachable Dressing

James Bond Dressing

Whether it be suits, the casual shirt look or the bare body beach look, 007 surely knows his looks. Even without the camera focus, our beloved brit agent always stands apart from the crowd and takes away the game by just walking around and charming ladies standing near by. Proof of this- the persona of James Bond and the success of it got Sir Sean Connery the title of the sexiest man of the century. Need I say anything else?

Charm and Wit


It’s not just the dressing and the action that gets the youth today want to be like the brit agent. It’s his irresistible charm and absolute presence of mind at any given situation. The patent dialogue delivery of the line ‘My name’s Bond, James Bond’ has won many hearts over the decades and it’s still charmingly effective as the first. Also his sarcastic and witty ways to answer his villains and girls respectively has left many characters speechless.

Guts of a Daredevil

Bond Badass

Well do I need to say anything about this characteristic of Bond? Opponents as big as the mountain are nothing. Bond has faced worse things than that like wrestling with a Python, bedtime with tarantula, fist fight with a great white, swimming with an electric eel and just walking on the backs of alligators. Do you remember the scene of Daniel Craig drinking with a scorpion on his wrist. Surely it wasn’t true but what’s important is what it symbolizes.

Gadgetized life and Armory


Invisible cars, Bombing pen, Fingerprint gun, you name it, Q makes it all possible for Bond. The franchise has always raised the technical stuff to the next level with every movie. My personal being the Die another Day. The invisible Aston Martin with all that high tech weaponry in it was insane. Plus the way it was used in the movie gives it more extra points from me,

Gentleman’s Behaviour

Gentleman’s Behaviour

Well even with all the action and drama happening in the movie, one cannot totally miss the sophisticated behavior any character playing the Bond portray. The walk being the most integral part. The class is maintained from the start to the finish and there’s no beating it. From eating, drinking, dancing etc Bond will always be one classier step ahead than the rest.

Abilities and characteristics like these have made the Bond character what it is today. It’s more than just a character, it’s an icon for some people and a way of living. The sexy Bond girls and the brit’s agent way around them are also tried by some people. That’s the amount of craze people have for this character is insane and the franchise has done a great work maintaining the same over the years. Try asking Vodka Martini mixed not stirred the next time you enter a bar, surely you will get a dozens of looks 😉

Trivia- The code 00 in the iconic ‘007’ stands for secret agents of the MI6 and James Bond is not a name but a codename for an agent.

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